Best CPU Cooler For i7 9700k Builds (No More Heating Problems)

Intel has hit the market with its latest 9th generation CPU i7 9700k with the best technology so far. While looking back to the bumper gifts from intel, i7 9700k and i9 9900k are indeed a boon. It is one of the most efficient and powerful best CPU cooler for i7 9700k. 

But to choose among the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k turns out to be a smarter choice since the later is quite expensive. No doubt the CPU cooler for i7 9700k proves it's worth in terms of performance and compatibility. Unlike its twin i7 9700 it doesn't come with an air system cooler. 

Here we tell you Why you should use a cooler for i7 9700k and what are important factors to consider while buying a CPU cooler.  Indeed, we have already selected some of the best CPU cooler that are available on the market and provided you with the list below.

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  • 4 CDC Heatpipes.
  • Quiet Spin Technology.
  • Red LEDs for AMD Ryzen.
  • Weight 1.66 pounds


  • Liquid CPU Cooler
  • 120mm Radiator
  • 120mm SP Series PWM Fan
  • lower CPU temperatures


  • Premium CPU Cooler.
  • 2X NF-A15 PWM.
  • 140mm Fans for Low-Noise.
  • 6 heatpipes and 2 fans.


  • 240mm Radiator.
  • Dual 120mm PWM Fans.
  • Liquid CPU Cooler.
  • Fan speed 400 to 2400 RPM


  • AIO Liquid Cooling System.
  • Waterblock and Durable Sleeved Cable.
  • Speed: 500~1400RPM.
  • Noise Level :19.8 ~ 24.7 dB.





  • Four direct contact heat pipes for easy contact between CPU and cooler.
  • Quick snap fan bracket feature for up-gradation to two fans.
  • Exclusive quiet spin technology for noise-free fan spinning.
  • Unique full range PWM blade design with red LED.
  • Easy installation for Intel and AMD socket with an optimized bracket design.
COOLER MASTER - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

Today we are going to take a look at the HYPER 212 LED non-ether audition. This is a great cooler if you are on a budget, as they usually run from about $30 to $35. Now moving on to the cooler's design, it has four copper heat pipes that feed into aluminum which draws the heat away from the CPU and believe me, it's pretty effective and superior cooling performance.

The Hyper 212 LED CPU cooler has a pretty basic look compared to some other coolers currently available on the market. The cooler is pretty convenient and easy to use with the 120mm pre-attached Cooler Master PWM. The Hyper 212 stands tall with 160mm in height with 116mm depth and 60mm of width. The width of the cooler, along with the fans, increases to 85mm. Overall it's a pretty thin little cooler which would fit with no issues in terms of RAM clearance.

It includes a second set of brackets where the 212 LED is placed. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED uses two materials that make up the cooler's main construction, including aluminum for the fins and copper for the heat pipes. As mentioned, the heat pipes are made from copper and in the case of the Hyper 212 LED, these are the direct contact for improved and superior cooling performance.

The MasterFan Pro 120 comes with three different fan modes that can be selected - Performance mode, quiet mode and silence mode. These are pretty self-explanatory, but performance mode will, of course, lead the fan to flow faster, thus increasing the noise output. Quiet mode and silence mode will be more ear-friendly but it will reduce the air pressure and airflow, which will lower performance, but it won't buzz much. AMD and Intel have different mountings, but the instructions included are pretty straightforward. It also features a mounting system that is much better considered compared to its predecessor.


  • Another optional fan for better performance.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Lower-grade than its V8 model.




  • Precise PWM control with an adjustable fan speed of up to 1700 rpm.
  • Lower CPU temperature with a high density of 120 mm radiator.
  • LED illuminated pump head with fan airflow of 57.2 CFM.
  • Low noise pump design for more efficient and quieter cooling.
  • Easy installation with Intel, AM4 and LGA socket.
  • Cold copper plate material.
best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

Corsair's Hydro Series H60 is surely one of the best when it comes to liquid CPU coolers, and the reason is simple. It offers an outstanding balance between being efficient, performance and price. The new and improved SP120L fan is designed for a quieter, higher performance experience to keep your CPU temperatures lower than ever before.

The H60 uses an advanced fan design that incorporates custom-designed blades that improve performance and dramatically reduce noise levels. The static pressure to noise ratio is better, and this actually results in less noise overall. The Hydro series is pre-filled and will never hassle you with constant refills or primers, which is great news as no one likes heavy-maintenance devices.

In terms of performance, this liquid cooler really performs. For the cooling to be truly effective, quality components must be used, and Corsair does not disappoint. The cold plate comes with a pre-applied thermal compound and is made of copper, which has a significantly higher level of thermal conductivity to transfer heat more efficiently to the manifold.

The number one fear of water cooling users is obviously fluid leaks which do not cope well with delicate electronic components. For better level of protection against leakage, it has a very flexible design which also facilitates the installation process and keeps the evaporation of the coolant to a minimum to ensure longer service life.

Considering how smoothly the installation process went, how efficiently it removes the heat of a mid-to-high-end CPU, and how reasonably priced, it's safe to say that the Corsair H60 is a great buy. The design is flexible and is geared towards long-term safety and reliability. A high-quality product overall, definitely worth the price.


  • Sleek design for compact spaces.
  • Minimal noise production.


  • Installation takes longer than air cooler as per some customers.




  • Six heat pipes and two fans for better cooling.
  • Dual NF-A15 140 mm fan with AAO standards provides flow acceleration for an excellent performance.
  • It comes with high RAM compatibility in single fan mode. & 6-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Easy to install Secufirm2 multi-socket mounting system for Intel.
NOCTUA NH-D15 - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

When we talk about high-end in the world of air-cooling, we necessarily think of Noctua. For the NH-D15, this is a huge product in terms of size and performance. A worthy successor to the premium NH-D14 cooler, it features two dual heat pipe radiators to improve cooling performance while minimizing noise. Obviously, what catches the eye is the double radiator allowing you to use one or even two 140mm fans.

With its extended layout and dual NF-A15 fans, the NH-D15 further enhances the quiet cooling performance of its predecessor. Compared to the NH-D14, the fin stack of the NH-D15 has been widened from 140 to 150 mm, and its heat pipes are now more spaced, which allows a more even distribution of heat over a larger area and thus contributes to the higher efficiency of NH-D15. With its recessed bottom fins, it offers 64mm of clearance for large memory heatsinks in single fan mode, making it compatible with high-end RAM modules on the market.

The premium NF-A15 fans supplied with the NH-D15 support PWM for convenient automatic speed control via the motherboard. Furthermore, Maximum fan speed can be reduced from 1500 to 1200 RPM using the included low noise adapter for even quieter operation. Designed with the professional-grade SecuFirm2 multiprocessor mounting system, Noctua's NT-H1 thermal compound, and a comprehensive 6-year manufacturer's warranty, the NH-D15 is a complete premium solution that represents a luxury choice for both overclocking enthusiasts than the less experienced.


  • Best choice for i7-9700k with an extended warranty period.
  • Largest air cooler in a reasonable price range.
  • Better efficiency.


  • Heat sink capacity reduces when two fans are used.




  • Cooling fan speed of 400 - 2400 rpm.
  • 16 individually RGB LED light & Speed controller BIOS software.
  • Compatible with Intel and AMD sockets.
  • Two 120mm ML series fans with thermal optimized cold plate.
  • Comes with an extended 5-year manufacturer warranty.
CORSAIR ICUE - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

Liquid cooling for the processor, the Corsair iCue H100i RGB PRO XT is a complete kit particularly powerful for the enclosures equipped with mounts for the radiator of 240mm. The 240mm radiator and two ML120 fans will best cool your overclocked processor and your gaming setup. Thanks to the iCue control software, you will be able to customize the RGB lighting of your cooling system as well as monitor the temperature and adjust the cooling performance directly from your PC.

The secret to efficient and fast cooling is to maximize the cooling surface. If your PC case has 120mm fan mounts spaced for a 240mm radiator, the iCue H100i RGB PRO XT water cooling lets you take full advantage of your case's cooling potential. The iCue H100i RGB PRO XT cooler will bring you into a new era with its closed-loop device, supplied pre-filled, with a tool-less, modular mounting bracket for faster installation.

The ML120 maglev fans are custom-designed for improved airflow with minimum turbulence and noise. They are PWM, so you can customize the fan speed to find the optimum balance between cooling and noise nuisance. ICUE software gives you the power to control and synchronize your chiller's RGB lighting with all iCUE-enabled devices, monitor CPU


  • Software management is an add-on feature.
  • LED lighting gives a more stylish look.


  • Increased noise level due to higher fan speed.




  • Supports Intel LGA and AMD sockets.
  • 12 customizable LED lights & 12V/5V, 3600 rpm speed.
  • RGB version 1.1.5, iOS 10.0 and Android 6.0 version or later is highly compatible.
  • Airflow: 14.2 - 42.34 CFM & Noise range: 19.8 - 24.7 db.
THERMALTAKE FLOE - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

The standalone fan controller can switch between 5 LED light modes, including solid colors red, blue, white, green or be disabled, and offers to cycle through 256 colors. The play/pause feature allows users to cycle through colors (the color remains unchanged even after the PC is turned off or restarted) with speed control options, further reducing noise.

The patented 120mm circular cooling fan with 256 RGB colors, designed for high static pressure, produces impressive cooling performance. The especially large 360mm radiator design not only doubles the cooling surface but also allows up to 6 x 120mm fans to be fitted for additional heat dissipation. A high-performance copper backing plate accelerates the heat conductivity.

In addition, the pre-filled coolant reduces the hassle encountered when filling the coolant. The cable jacketing maximizes durability and preserves the tube surface from any damage and scratches that may occur. The high quality and reliability of the pump allow the circulation of an optimal quantity of water while keeping the copper support cold at all times.

A low evaporation tube effectively reduces the loss of coolant; Thus, no refill of coolant is required. The Water 3.0 range features Thermaltake's latest technology in cooling performance. This system is simple to install and requires no maintenance. It takes up minimal space in the chassis.


  • The newest technology with great features.
  • The highest cooling efficiency of all AIO coolers.
  • Great quality. 


  • The price is a bit high.




  • RGB lighting syncing facility better than ever before.
  • Dual-chamber pumps increase efficient cooling.
  • Sleeved tubing reinforced with FEP tubing keeps it free from kink.
  • Intel LGA and AMD socket support.
COOLER MASTER LIQUID - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

Like its big brother, this Cooler Master Liquid 120 belongs to the family of so-called "all-in-one" liquid coolers. Indeed, the two kits share a similar design and level of finish. Although more compact, the Master Liquid 120 still offers these elements, which make us like the design of the Master Liquid.

Thus, the large section sheathed pipes are present, as is the square radiator with the recall of the brand and the model in white. It's simple and versatile. Just like with the Master Liquid 240, this kit is also AM4 compatible right out of the box. The Air Balance has a rotation range between 650 RPM and 2000 RPM. At full speed, the whole thing will be able to generate an airflow of 66.7 CFM and a static pressure of 2.34 mm water.

In terms of performance, we can note the limitations of the 120 mm format. From a temperature point of view, the Master Liquid 120 is doing quite well as long as you don't touch overclocking. With an OC, we were able to observe an increase in the sound level and temperatures which tend to rise quickly, especially at 4.5 GHz. Combine it all, and we have a set that stands back against the competition. Knowing that we have to do with a noise of liquid in the pump depending on how the pipes are positioned.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Sleek and compact design.


  • They are suited only for mild overclocking and stock speed users.




  • Multi socket support to intel and AMD.
  • 6u shaped pipes conduct heat fast from the processor to keep it cool.
  • Dual silent 120mm LED fans one standard three-pin and another with PMW function gives great balance for noise-free action.
  • A highly polished copper base keeps close contact with the CPU surface to higher cooling efficiency.
DEEPCOOL CPU - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

Neptwin RGB is a special CPU cooler with six heat pipes and was specially designed for multi-speed control for PWM fans. Six powerful U-shape heat pipes and twin tower heat dissipation enable the best cooling performance. Aesthetic RF RGB fans give the heatsink a magical and majestic look. The aluminum cooling fins of the twin tower heat sink and the specially polished, reflective copper base make the NEPTWIN RGB one of the best CPU coolers and an excellent thermal solution for gaming environments.

With six super bright RGB LEDs, three predefined RGB effects (constant glow, pulsing and meteor) and PWM control for particularly quiet performance. PWM-capable 120 mm dual fans with an integrated 12 V RGB lighting system meet your aesthetic requirements and support common motherboards with SYNC lighting control. The newly designed fan is, as usual, imperceptible from Deepcool and even brings more power. A thermal paste is included, but we recommend buying a thermal paste.

It is very pleasing that the Neptwin V2 RGB is also compatible with the new Ryzen CPUs, which makes it very popular here. From our test, this fan cools an I7 6700K 4.5 GHz under full load to 60 degrees. With AMD processors, for example, it cools an AMD Ryzen 2600X overclocked from 3 GHz to 4.25 GHz under full load to 55 ° C. These are pretty good values in our CPU cooler test. The temperatures fluctuate around 30 ° C in idle. The installation does not cause any problems for experienced people.


  • Easy to clean and handle.
  • PWM function fan control for quiet functioning.
  • Great looks with mirror finish base.


  • Installation takes too much time and is quite a cumbersome task.




  • All new horizontal vapor chamber technology minimizes hotspots and spreads heat evenly.
  • Triple tower heatsink for more significant cooling.
  • Dual PWM fans with red LEDs for a fantastic look.
  • Fan features 4th generation POM bearing for longevity and is dustproof.
COOLER MASTER V8 - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

Cooler Master's new air cooling monster, the V8 GTS had somewhat fallen into oblivion in the absence of new announcements about it. Here it is again on the front of the stage, however, since the firm formalizes its new big cubic toy responsible for cooling your processor, with even a test already carried out by our colleagues at TweakTown.

The V8 GTS is 15.4 x 14.9 x 16.7 cm and 854g on the scale, for a triple tower CPU cooler but with the two outer towers of reduced dimensions, like its predecessor, the Cooler Master V8. On the two intervals between the fin zones take place two fans 140mm in diameter with a maximum speed of 1600rpm managed by PWM. 8 heat pipes 6mm in diameter start from the base, a special base since it has a steam chamber in order, says the brand, to better distribute the heat on the different heat pipes.

No price announced yet for this big baby compatible with all current sockets, supposed to have a dissipation capacity of 250W and which should be available in all good creameries next month. No price, but on the other hand, the possibility of already having a test in your mouth, like the one we offer here, with many high-end references for comparison, including autonomous water-cooling.


  • Stunning design.
  • Quiet operation while at high RPM.


  • Cost a lot on pockets.




  • Tailored custom version for sTRX4/TR4/SP3.
  • PWM support for convenient automatic speed control through the motherboard.
  • Anti Vibration pads and fan clips for better performance.
  • Secu Firm mounting system for quality, safety and ease of use.
  • Six-year manufacturer warranty with the full package.
NOCTUA NH-U14S TR4-SP3 - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

As always, Noctua offers us high-end products from start to finish, and even the box goes for thermal paste. As the manufacturer told us (and that's a good thing), the gain is not monstrous between the NT-H1, which has been circulating for years and the NT-H2, but it is possible to lose 1 to 2 degrees on high overclocking.

The Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3, meanwhile, is quite simply identical to its NH-U12S brothers and its AM4 variation (of which its interest is limited now since the manufacturer offers the mounting kit for free ). On the other hand, this version is only compatible with the TR4 socket from AMD, the processor was much bigger, and the contact surface had to be enlarged.

Its weight of 856 grams places it in the average 12 cm cooler on the market, and its dimensions allow it to be compatible with all memory kits (which may be important) on the market. The fan is the now well-known NF-A15 PWM, peaking at a speed of 3000RPM for a theoretical maximum sound level of 22.4 dB.

With six heat pipes and a fan surface area, it provides an excellent cooling performance which makes it the ideal choice for most high-end enthusiasts' systems. Noctua's NH-U14S is a proven high-grade TIM solution that offers minimal thermal resistance, great ease of use and outstanding reliability.


  • Easy installation.
  • Quality product.


  • Minimal color options.




  • Full contact enhanced performance due to the soldering system.
  • Accelerated air exhaust for faster cooling.
  • Optimized Heat Pipe positioning for complete CPU coverage.
  • High precision low noise bearing makes a quieter workspace.
  • Patent-pending Multisec quick-mount system for firmer installation.
  • Customization is possible with CUSTOMOD covers.
CRYORIG R1 - best CPU cooler for i7 9700k

The Cryorig R1 Ultimate impresses upon opening its box by the care taken in packaging and presentation, including the details of the bundle, which is also well-supplied: a PWM Y cable to connect the two fans to one single socket, a tube of brand CP9 thermal paste, fixings to use an XF140 fan instead of an XT140, a small card to register the product on the manufacturer's website (and extend the warranty period, which is three years old), a Phillips screwdriver, a cleaning wipe (to clean the CPU before mounting the cooler), four small flexible silicone inserts, to replace those already mounted on the fans, just in case, and well, of course, an illustrated manual.

The 7 6mm heat pipes are sandwiched by two-tone fins, the color of the plastic frame surrounding the non-tinted part of the fins being customizable according to the Customod program from the manufacturer. The cables of the two fans (30cm long) are sheathed, and the base of the cooler, although perfectly flat, shows fine machining marks.

The performance of the Cryorig R1 Ultimate is excellent, but unfortunately, it goes hand in hand with fans which can be very noisy! As long as we are satisfied with a small overclock at 4.3GHz (i.e., 135W on the ATX12V), we can keep the fans at 5V for a sound level of 20.8dB (A): as much as the R1 Ultimate will be forgotten.


  • Limited mounting pressure due to fixed mounting screws.
  • The cushion corner of the fan prevents noise.


  • Fan clips are too stiff to work.                                                                

Why you need a cpu cooler

Due to its high work capacity, it gets heated to a high temperature, which needs to be settled for better functionality. It's always a wise choice to spend on air, AOI, or liquid cooler for your Core i7 9700k processor. If you are using the i9 processors, you can stretch the overclocking with the help of advanced liquid cooling system.  

Though you might turn many pages while searching for a perfect cooler for your CPU, this ultimate guide will help you stay away from all these worries. After many research and reviews from customers, I have curated a list of brilliantly working best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.

This guide will help you to keep your CPU cool and get the most out of it. With the right choice of aftermarket air, AOI or liquid cooler, you can make a massive reduction in the temperature by using the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.


Though multiple factors affect the options for a best CPU cooler for i7 9700k, but to count on the most important one, here is a list of features you should consider before finalizing one.

  • USE: What kind of user are you? Answers to this question mark a huge difference. And if you are planning to set up a brand new system, you can choose any good cooler with all the necessary features. But if you are planning for overclocking, then you need a highly efficient cooling system.
  • TDP RATING: Always check for the thermal design point(TDP) rating before your purchase. Your TDP rating of the CPU should be either equal or slightly lower than the cooler for better cooling performance.
  • BUDGET: Without a doubt, a budget is always essential. How much you want to spend also determines the available cooler options for you.
  • CPU SOCKET: Always check for the compatibility of your CPU with the cooler you chose. Generally, the coolers are designed to fit all kinds of sockets, but there are few exceptions as well. So always cross-check for socket type.
  • SIZE: You need to check for the dimensions of the cooler to fit in your CPU correctly. If you have a low room go for a sleek design.
  • LOOKS: Mostly, game enthusiasts prefer a more rocking look. Though there are many options available in the market with LED lighting to choose from but some lack color variation, so choose what to want and never settle for less.
  • NOISE LEVEL: It is good to choose a quiet cooler for a better experience. Always look for the RPM since fans with lower RPM make less noise and vibrations when compared to those with a higher value.


I7-9700k is a highly efficient product from Intel meant explicitly for gaming purposes; thus, there is a lot of heating. For an increased life and excellent performance, the right user always prefers the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k, AOI, or liquid cooler.

Though there are many coolers to keep a check on the temperature of the beast, the one that fits well depends on what all your desire is. For quieter surroundings with exceptional performance, check out this ultimate guide for best CPU cooler for i7 9700k to find a perfect fit for you.


Which is best for i7 9700k? Liquid cooling system or Air cooling system?

The i7 9700k is a powerful core Intel processor and is suitable for any work that requires high power. As we all know, high power usage will result in system overheating. You are good to go with air coolers as they can disperse the heat more efficiently. It will run better and more silent when compared to water coolers. But if you are planning to overclock this processor to the limit, I would suggest getting a good Liquid cooling system.

Does i7 9700k come with a cooler in the package?

The answer is No. It would be best if you bought a cooler separately. Intel has stopped including coolers a few generations ago.

What cooler should I get for i7 9700K?

This is up to you. Whether you get an air cooler or liquid cooler, make sure it suits your system requirements. To help you with this, we have suggested to you the list of 10 best coolers for i7 9700k.

How hot can i7 9700k get?

When the Core temperatures below 80°C, we can consider it ideal. But the Intel's Tj Max Throttle temperature can go as high as 105°C. Without a CPU cooler, this temperature can increase and result in damaging your computer system.


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