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The best gaming experience comes with a good sound effect, and nobody can beat gaming headset under 50 in that. Whether you want to enjoy the thrill and get drowned in your favorite gameplay or you want to connect to your friend in PUBG, a good gaming set gets you the best of experience you can ever have.

After spending a hefty amount on your console, you would never like to compromise with the gaming headset quality since experience matters the most. Choosing the right one here is quite a task, but you need to know that good audio quality is a must required feature while finding the best one.

If you are searching to pick on such a concise scale is quite a tough task, but this guide will help you throughout your search. With the top ten best gaming headset list, I am here to boost your gaming experience.



DLAND 3.5MM - best gaming headset under 50

A vibrant green-black color combination with a meager price tag and yet overloaded with amazing features makes this DLAND the best gaming headset under 50 and an excellent choice for a budget pick.

A comfortable and easily adjustable headband to make a good grip over the head. Soft PU leather cushion with memory foam ear cups gives comfortable support and sound insulation from surrounding noise. Those who want it loud on audio as well as in looks, this is the best gaming headset under 50 for them.


  • Three-pin 3.5mm double plug for desktop and laptop attachment.
  • 3.8mm super-strong Litz wire to prevent the cable from breaking.
  • High sensitivity Omnidirectional condenser microphone.
  • Drive-by-wire design and voice can be adjusted with a button on the wire.
  • Additional two in one 3.5mm jack cable for notebook and mobile phone support.


  • Comfortable headband.
  • Good Audio Quality.


  • It can’t attend a call from the button on the cable.


BEEXCELLENT GAMING - best gaming headset under 50

Those who are looking for a high-end gaming experience with an affordable, gaming headset under 50 might not search anywhere else since this one is a must buy. With 3D immersive gaming sound and exhilarating experience, you will never regret your choice.

A technical design and game player identification will give a professional feel. It gives an exceptional comfy fit and painless gaming hours with its lightweight design.

A mute and volume control button makes it more convenient and easy to use while keeping you fast and indulge in your game by using this best gaming headset under 50.


  • The immersive 3D gaming experience.
  • 360-degree soundscape for a better sense of realism.
  • 120-degree flexible noise cancellation mic.
  • Stylish look with LED lighting.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Multiplatform compatibility with 3.5mm jack to connect.
  • USB to power LED.


  • Great performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Amazing looks.


  • Doesn’t support the old Xbox version.


HYPERX CLOUD - best gaming headset under 50

Next in this list comes a headset that has an amazing sound quality. The HyperX Stinger still holds its position among the best gaming headset under 50. It became a craze for all gamers when it was launched, but after facing a lot of competition, it has lost a bit of its popularity, but still with its excellent features it takes a grab for our first position.

A good cushioned up earcups with right angle swivel motion you get a grand fir over ears. With excellent sound quality, this gaming headset will surprise you every time you use it with its amazing features for best gaming headset under 50.


  • Hyperxgenuity with virtual 7.1 Dolby surround sound.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Convenient onboard audio control.
  • 3.5mm connection diameter.
  • Durable and easily adjustable steel sliders.
  • Easy noise cancellation by swiveling the mike turns it to mute.
  • Compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One.


  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • Noise cancellation available.


  • No customization options are available.


CORSAIR HS50 - best gaming headset under 50

Again Corsair has tried not to disappoint its customers. With HS50 PRO they have tried to keep things quiet elegant yet straightforward with the all-black look and just a mild touch of grey. It is a best gaming headset under 50 for a beginner in an affordable price range.

It’s a good option for an entry-level purchase, with completely detachable mic. With an almost similar design like models from HyperX, Astro and Turtle Beach, yet fascinating. With a distinguishable Corsair logo on the earcup and mesh-like pattern on its outer side, it grabs a lot of attention.


  • Adjustable ear cups made of good plushy memory foam for comfort.
  • Neodymium audio driver for excellent sound quality.
  • Noise cancellation, unidirectional, fully detachable mic.
  • Multiplatform compatibility with Xbox, PS4, PC and mobile.
  • Connectivity Technology wired.


  • Good audio quality.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • High durable structure.


  • Outdated looks.


BLUEFIRE GAMING - best gaming headset under 50

Bluefire is not just a name, but a widely accepted and versatile, best gaming headset under 50 well known to be the first choice for PS4 players. Though it is compatible with many other gaming stations, it got fame from PS4 initially. A great surround sound makes you get more rooted in the game with a virtual feeling of being on the battlefield. 

With a Bluefire logo on the ear cup and LED lighting, you get a stylish look. Along with the most versatile look, they have taken care of the comfort of the player. The latest design and technology let you enjoy your game as long as you want without getting tired and uneasy for features the best gaming headset under 50.


  • Comfortable and light.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Compatible with PS4, New Xbox One, PSP, Tablet, Laptop, PC and Mobile.
  • High precision 40mm magnetic driver for surround sound effect.
  • Over 7 feet long soft braided cord for smooth movement around the room.
  • Mic and volume control button on the cable.
  • 3.5mm connectivity jack and USB for LED.


  • Versatile design.
  • Extra-long cable for position support.


  • Lacks Microsoft adapter for old Xbox One.


BEEXCELLENT USB - best gaming headset under 50

Though it comes from the same brand as our previous pick, but it is a higher version with more added attractive features for best gaming headset under 50, designed specifically for PC gamers, a virtual surround sound gives you immersive gaming experience with excellent sound quality. 

You get highly precise audio quality and punchy bass so that you can hear every single detailed sound while playing your favorite game. Beexcellent is precisely designed headset to fit all head shapes with skin-friendly leather on the band for ultra-comfortable wear.


  • 7.1 Dolby surround sound with 50mm Neodymium magnet drive unit.
  • Ergonomic design with premium quality material.
  • Noise reduction and a highly flexible microphone.
  • Compatible with PC, laptop, Mac, PS4 and other devices that support the USB port.
  • Uniquely designed braided wire for excellent tensile strength.
  • Mic and LED control switch on the wire.


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • No noise cancellation feature per se.


NUBWO GAMING - best gaming headset under 50

This headset has a different design from many other similarly designed headsets, yet well accepted by players for best gaming headset under 50. With a metal double suspension headband and two highly thick steel strip makes it a comfortable suit for the head.

High-quality noise reduction microphone with professional mute technology makes it easy to cancel surrounding noise and picks up the clear sound of players for secure communication. With a simple yet very comfortable design, and lightweight makes it the right choice and as the best gaming headset under 50.


  • Advanced design concept.
  • Ultimate comfort with true over-ear, skin-friendly and adjustable design.
  • Built-in noise reduction chip for clear voice.
  • Easily adjustable and directional microphone.
  • Advanced 50mm driver with powerful stereo sound.
  • Surround sound technology for an immersive experience.


  • Incredible sound quality.
  • Great head support.


  • A very simple look, not many variations available.                                                              


RAZER ELECTRA - best gaming headset under 50

If you are looking for perfect gaming set for PC, then Razer Electra V2 fits in well and fit for best gaming headset under 50. If you want something with dashing looks and functions well, then this might lack a bit in looks, but it has got all the fundamental functions that need to be there.

For you might get many headsets quite heavier, this adds in the row with a very lightweight yet amazingly comfortable headband. With an automatic adjustment feature, it’s a good chance for a smooth and first-class experience.

On the contrary, the sound quality is well soft as compared to other options on the list of best headset under 50 with a vibrant sound effect.


  • 40mm audio driver for excellent sound quality.
  • Lightweight with a durable frame of the headset.
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions.
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound for a 3D experience.
  • Highly flexible and detachable boom mic.
  • Plush leatherette ear cushion provides an excellent fit.
  • Wired connectivity technology.
  • Windows operating system.


  • Lightweight.
  • The great noise cancellation feature.


  • Lacks precise volume control.

9. BEYERDYNAMIC MMX 2 PC Digital Headset

BEYERDYNAMIC MMX - best gaming headset under 50

Many people want something more than the standard in the budget range. With all the essential features of a best gaming headset under 50, Beyerdynamic MMX2 is a perfect fit. It is ideal for all multimedia and gaming applications with fantastic sound quality.

A good quality noise-cancellation microphone aids in better communication with other players. This enables you to use it for a skype call or VOIP with the most explicit and loud voice transmission. So if you are are looking for a professional piece, then this is your chance to grab one at the best price.


  • Wired transmission with a USB converter.
  • Straight connecting cable with 3.5mm mini-jack plug.
  • Universal product specialized for PC use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Noise cancellation option.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.


  • Lightweight helps in long gaming sessions.
  • Long warranty period.


  • Few users complained about shaky audio.


NUBWO GAMING - best gaming headset under 50

Yet again, NUBWO has left all a lot back by launching this product in the market with a fantastic price range and superior quality for best gaming headset under 50. A highly effective surround sound gives you a 3D gaming experience with a high sense of orientation and more interest in the game.

Highly comfortable design and tightly fitting earcups make it easier for you to relax while playing the game. The extra-long cable makes it easy to be seated anywhere and enjoy the game. With a clear sense of orientation, while paying on PC, listening to music or enjoying movies, you get to enjoy all that you desire.


  • 3D stereo audio with 55mm high sensitive speakers.
  • Comfortable cushion design with an ergonomic fit made specifically to please humans.
  • Omnidirectional, 135 degrees flexible microphone for easy noise cancellation.
  • Volume dial and mute switch button on the cable for easy control.
  • Multi-platform compatibility including Xbox oneS/X, PS4, PC, laptop etc.


  • Great audio with sensitive speakers.
  • Noise cancellation for a better experience.


  • Few complaints about the heavy-weight of a headset.                                                               


Though you have limited options for best gaming headset under 50 range, we still need to look for a few specific features to choose the right one for you

You need to check for your comfort, most importantly. Unless it makes you feel like its weightless, it's not worth it. Always crosscheck for these following features before making the final call.

1) Sound quality

Gamers never compromise on the sound quality. So check whether the headset gives you precise and clear quality of sound.

2) Durability

Nobody wants a gaming headset that breaks down in a few months. So your gaming headset must be durable, solid and sturdy so that it has a long lifetime.

3) Noise cancellation

Gaming headphone's main work is to give you an enriching sound experience. These headphones are of no use if it doesn't block the outside noise. So choose a headphone which has good noise cancellation features.

4) Compatibility

Always remember to check for your consoles compatibility with your headphone. Though a 3.5mm diameter of headphone is compatible with most of the consoles and PC, its good to make a crosscheck.

5) Wired Connectivity 

Though while choosing headset, everyone always check whether it's wired or wireless. Both of them have their benefits, but since here we are talking about a budget buy then we get a wired headset option only. But for those who want a wireless system need to spend some more.

6) Comfort 

You need to check whether the headband and ear cups are comfortable or feel heavy. If you feel uneasy with the headphone its always a big no. You need to check whether the ear cups are open or closed type. Unless you try one you cant be sure of the comfort level.

7) Communication 

Since we are talking about gaming headphones here, communication plays an important role. A background noise cancellation and a mute option are must for a pleasant experience.


Finding a perfect headset and that too within a limited budget is quite a difficult task. But I have tried here to make things simpler for you. My guide for best headsets under 50 completely covers all the highly rated and best products that one needs to have in a tight budget.

Though some of you might dream of a wireless option, we lack with the budget to include one such product. All products pose a great competition to another in the list for best gaming headset under 50 with all the essential features you desire.

All you need to do here is to choose the design of the headset you wish to have. Those who are looking to buy a headset for calling purpose, they also get amazing choices here with noise cancellation microphone option, for uninterrupted clear audio quality.

With a hope to meet all your requirements, I would like to conclude that this is all about the best gaming headset under 50 guide and let the final decision be all yours. Cheers!


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