Best One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

What would the world be without technology and recreation? Well, fun and technology are inextricably linked. If you’re not familiar with the fun and interactive gaming keyboards, you’ve come to the correct spot.

With new gadgets and devices, technology has taken a toll, developing one-handed gaming keypads ideal for gamers. To get to the point, one handed keyboard offer full-featured functionality in a tiny and compact keypad.

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One handed keyboards, often known as gaming keypads, are a viable alternative to standard keyboards. Keypads are smaller than regular keyboards and include all the buttons you need to play games without taking up as much room.

Combining a gaming keypad with an excellent typing-focused keyboard saves space and is more convenient than having two full-size keyboards. In this article, I listed all the best one-handed gaming keyboards. Come on, let's check the list now.






  • Keyboard description: QWERTY
  • Special feature: Lighting
  • Compatible devices: PC
  • Color: Classic black
  • No. of keys: 3
  • No. of buttons: 20
  • Material: Rubber

Razer has revealed an intuitive one-handed Tartarus V2 gaming keypad. It is only compatible with PC devices. The iconic black hue provides the gamers with a vivid sense. The keycaps are made of rubber which allows gamers to play comfortably.

Talking about the keypad’s specifications, it offers a wide range of configurable keys and buttons that subsequently integrate the commands and actions to enhance the flow and work pace simultaneously.

Sensory feedback is provided via mecha-membrane switches on the V2 keyboard. Furthermore, it allows for large mechanical key pushes calmly and pleasantly.

With the help of high-performance keys, gamers are not disturbed by any distractions. It includes 32 completely customizable keys for hotkeys and activities, allowing it to combine the flow of both creative and expert players.

The entire set comes with an eight-way directional keypad and a three-way scroll wheel that is bathed in Razer chroma. The thumbpad allows for better movement controls. It offers an ergonomic experience with innovative designs and relaxing positions.

Its macro keys are customizable, which enables the remapping of all keys and keypress combinations and the execution of sophisticated instructions. Another advantage is that the keypad features individually customizable keys as well as 16.8 million color possibilities.

Furthermore, this one hand gaming keyboard allows for complete customization and excellent game sync. It is highly versatile and seamlessly syncs with Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from over 30 partners. Who will reject this best one handed gaming keyboard? Come on, buy now!


  • The keypad composites fully customizable macro keys
  • It immerses gaming with Razer chroma
  • It operates with high-performance mecha-membrane buttons
  • Supports advanced backlit options
  • It offers an ergonomic experience




  • Connectivity technology: Wired
  • Special feature: Lighting
  • Compatible devices: Gaming console
  • Color: Blue switch
  • No. of keys: 42
  • No. of buttons: 28

Redragon has introduced the DITI K585, a 1 hand keyboard. It has 42 keys as well as 28 macro buttons. It also includes seven programmable keys. It has a total of 28 macro settings. It features an additional 5G keys.

The keypad appears to have an ergonomic design. It allows for a removable wrist rest position. Magnets are attached to the patterns of the keypad. This provides gamers and professionals with a relaxing and tranquil environment.

It includes wired connecting technology with a USB 2.0 port connection option. It is possible to utilize a C-type cable.

Moving on to the keypad’s features and characteristics, it offers 5 RGB backlit options that allow players to customize their lighting. The K585 keyboard eliminates unnecessary keys while retaining the most important ones in a thin and portable form.

All of your keyboard action keys are conveniently located in one location. There’s no need to be concerned about accidentally hitting keys.

Redragon Blue Switches’ unique mechanical keyboard audible click clack with precise tactile feedback lets you conquer the flow of the battlefield and become the victor.

The switch on the K585 is blue. Although the height is not adjustable, the gamers are given a wrist rest component that meets the need. The exciting and distinctive feature is the bright lighting effects.

The wrist-rest, which is ergonomically constructed with a removable part attached by magnets, provides superb support to make use more pleasant.

Binding several instructions and triggering them quickly is straightforward and quick with 7 customizable macro keys. To save time in the middle of a battle, assign single or multiple keys to any macro key. K585 is highly recommended for you.


  • The keyboard consists of extra 5 G keys
  • It has an adjustable wrist rest feature
  • It has a wired port connection using the C type
  • Offers 5 RGB backlit options
  • Boasts 7 customizable keys




  • Compatible devices: PC
  • Special feature: Lighting
  • Color: RGB
  • No of keys: 35

Redthunder has created a unique and creative gaming keyboard designed specifically for professional gamers and professionals. The keyboard contains a built-in micro processor that allows for a 3ms quicker reaction time. This keypad is better suited to players that are naturally fluent.

The keypad is designed specifically for gamers and gaming fans. The keypad has a total of 35 keys that may be swiftly engaged. It also has an anti-ghosting mode, which guarantees that the keys are sent in the correct order.

The G30 model provides macro recording key configurations, including backlit flashes, to start, complete, precise, and terminate recordings and achieve desired results.

This single handed keyboards gives players an ergonomic experience to deliver an enhanced gaming experience. It is a space-saving device that finally provides the benefit of small and portable gadgets.

Even though it is not a mechanical keypad, it has the feel of one. The keycaps have two purposes. The keycaps are not only pleasant to the touch, but they also transmit more light.

The G30 model is an ergonomic game controller with a large wrist rest. The RGB color keyboard provides a variety of fascinating and spectacular illumination effects.

The RGB backlit offers a breath mode, a static mode, and seven different color selections. It is convenient and straightforward to use. It requires no drivers and is mainly compatible with Windows 10/8/7, Vista, ME, Mac, Linux, and IBM. The most novel aspect is that gamers may plug and play during the battles. Best buy for gamers.!


  • It comes with an anti-ghosting mode
  • Has a quick response time
  • Provides macro recording key configurations
  • Space-saving gadget
  • RGB Backlit offers static mode, breath mode, and 7 color options




  • Keyboard description: Gaming
  • Connectivity technology: Wired
  • Special feature: Ergonomic, Backlit
  • Color: Excalibur
  • No. of keys: 60
  • Material: Plastic

The AULA one-hand gaming keypad comes with 5 creative illumination styles pre-programmed, and you can easily customize your own LED backlight. With 8 programmable keys, you may have an infinite number of commands at your disposal. Combine all of your favorite skills, macros, and hotkeys to create a unique multiplayer experience.

Blue Switches with a solid musical background offer the best mechanical experience available. Mechanical keys with extremely long service lives and buttons that can be used up to 50 million times. An ergonomic design featuring a Palm Rest helps professional players avoid tiredness.

The gaming keyboard goes into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. AULA Keypad is highly compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10, MAC OS X.

The user may increase your reaction speed by using the FN button’s eight unique macro keys and ten hotkeys. This keyboard will never stop you from working because it is entirely anti-ghosting and has all key rollover on USB. With this keyboard, you can get excellent faster and with fewer difficulties than with any other.

Allow the model to take your game to new heights. Mechanical keys have unusually long lifespans. It has a double inlay sculpted into it to make the key last longer, designed to withstand any conflict. The bundled drivers allow you to customize the function keys and main illumination.

Five separate motion-based settings are pre-programmed. You have comprehensive anti-ghosting security with every Key Roll-over on USB. Excalibur will not disrupt your flow or combos.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • It has 5 pre-programmed backlighting modes
  • Ultra-long lifetime of mechanical keys
  • Serves with a USB 2.0 port connection
  • Palm rest feature




  • Special feature: Lighting
  • Color: Red switch
  • Material: ABS
  • Connectivity: Wired USB-C

The 41 keys on the K-700 one-handed keypad are used to assign sophisticated in-game commands. It also has an RGB backlit display that offers 16.8 million colors.

The red switches on the keypad provide medium resistance and linear feedback. The keypad is helpful for gamers and professional players since it has a removable wrist rest and 44 hot-swappable buttons.

The keypad’s keycaps are made of a metal base material. The material is ABS, which contributes to the high quality. The keycap designs are non-slip and splash resistant. Furthermore, the keycaps are long-lasting and come in a one-of-a-kind bicolor design.

The keycaps have a lifetime of up to 50 million clicks. The players can customize mechanical keys. Each key has a matte finish texture and is controlled by an individual switch. The keypad is ergonomically intended to keep players from becoming fatigued.

Another helpful feature is the removable palm rest, which is held in place by magnets. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista are all supported. The removable rest section serves as a stepping stone for travel enthusiasts.


  • Keycaps provide splashproof and durability
  • High-quality ABS material of keycaps
  • RGB LED Backlit options with 16.8 million colors
  • Hot-swappable 44 buttons
  • Detachable palm rest connected with magnets




  • Compatible system
  • Multimedia keys
  • Ultra special RGB backlit function
  • It has an edge light
  • Fast response

Bluefinger has created a one-handed gaming keyboard that has all of the advantages of a professional gaming keypad. It is made up of 104 keys that perform exceptionally well. The connection is wired, and there is a USB port connection.

Compatibility is limited to gaming consoles. It includes an RGB illuminated function, which makes it quite remarkable. The lighting effects distinguish the keyboard, and the letters awe both gamers and experts. The letters sparkle with a beautiful view at night.

The keypad contains 5 letters that never fade and 35 keys that do not conflict. This keypad is perfect for PC, PS4, and Xbox One games. It contains multimedia keys and a fast and responsive reaction time.

It is ergonomically designed and simple to operate. There are no drivers necessary for gamers to plug and play. The keycaps are tiny and compact, making the device portable and half keyboard gaming. The keypad features a light on the edge and non-slip rubber.

The keypad is a compatible system with a beautiful design and innovative characteristics.


  • Compatible system
  • Multimedia keys
  • Ultra special RGB backlit function
  • It has an edge light
  • Fast response


With a smaller keyboard, you may quickly put yourself in a more comfortable, ergonomically attractive posture instead of having one of your hands off to one side.

Gamers benefit from a variety of advantages while using a one-handed gaming keypad. The keypads provide complete control choices, allowing gamers to play comfortably. When it comes to gaming computers, one-handed keyboards are ideal.

Most users who use gaming laptops on the move do not utilize the integrated keyboard or trackpad. Using a reliable external mouse and a half handed keyboard, you may place your laptop's screen at the optimal distance and angle relative to your body.


Size and layout

When selecting one-handed gaming keypads, the size and layout must be considered. If you’re a techie who enjoys writing or gaming, you can go with the ones indicated in the evaluations above. Different layouts emerge in a variety of ways. It is determined by the choices of many users. 


The cost of a device is critical. When purchasing a new item, there are several variables to consider. Factors such as the device’s endurance, cost-effectiveness, and interior precision should all be considered.


This is when gaming enthusiasts and technically savvy individuals come to a standstill. These folks adore the lighting and backlit features. The illumination characteristics vary from the keypad to keypad. It is the user’s responsibility to research the best lighting featured keypad that they intend to purchase.


Because of the tactile feedback provided by a mechanical switch, users get a more gratifying typing experience. Because mechanical keyboards can be modified more than membrane keyboards, users may create a more personalized typing experience. You may select additional acoustic feedback for various switches.


1. Are there right-handed keypads?

Currently, the market has a comparatively low demand for right-handed keypads. However, there are some rare variants that build and sell right-handed keypads.

2. Are gaming keypads worth a shot?

Nowadays, gamers prefer keyboards with mechanical keys or, at the very least, keyboard switches that are optimized for video games rather than typing. Equipping a complete hundred key keyboard with pricey switches, keycaps, and low-latency electronics costs more than equipping these pads with a few keys. It’s maybe even wasteful, given that the majority of the keys on complete mechanical gaming keyboards are never utilized in-game.


Gaming keypads are extremely vital and give players incredible functionality. One-handed keypads are not only handy for gaming, but they are also quite beneficial for writers and editors.

Although gaming is not its primary application, it can be a low-cost option for creative folks to speed up their productivity and enhance ergonomics. All of the benefits and bonuses listed above add up to significant time savings over the hundreds and thousands of key press editors, players, and writers routinely executed throughout a battle or project.


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