Best Topre Keyboard For Multi Purposes

Topre keyboards are a type of keyboard for your PC; their distinct  is marked by an inbuilt electro capacitive switch which sets a Topre different from any keyboard.

The exact classification of this keyboard is up for debate, but they are largely labeled as hybrid keyboards since they use both a spring and a rubber dome to make the keys. There are different kinds of Topre keyboards for different usage. Topre keyboards have always had a cult following for how good they felt on the fingers. Most PC aficionados go for these keyboards no matter what they're using them for.

To help you choose the best Topre keyboard for your needs, I have a comprehensive buying guide on what to look for. Once you get that part, you can go through the models listed below and choose the one that's right for you. 





  • 4000mAh battery.
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Wired and wireless modes available.
  • 15+ RGB lighting designs.
  • Designed with an inclined bottom frame
  • 50 million keystroke life-span.
  • Broadcom Bluetooth chipset is inbuilt.
  • Comes with Gateron mechanical switches

Most gamers look for quality in every component, and when it comes to keyboards, there can be nothing better than Topre keyboards.

If you're looking for great portable gaming, then the Keychron K2 should be your first choice. With a 75% layout consisting of 84-keys, this keyboard is compact and occupies minimal space. When I tested this keyboard, I was able to feel the authentic gaming keyboard vibe coming with RGB backlighting.

This tenkeyless keyboard is ahead of its rivals thanks to its efficient design of arrow keys and shortcut buttons for a great gaming experience. While this keyboard comes with a Mac layout and the necessary Mac function keys, it is also compatible with Windows.

You can easily connect up to 3 devices with the inbuilt Broadcom Bluetooth chipset.  This gives it a strong connection with a larger range of compatibility. You can also choose the USB type-c wired mode to give constant power supply to your keyboard. Recording anything on your laptop or PC is now easy with the dedicated screen capture key.

It comes with a 4000mAh big battery that can make this keyboard last for more than 24 hours, and this is one of the best features of this keyboard, I guess.

Lastly, this keyboard has Gateron mechanical switch with a 50 million keystroke lifespan. Not only that, they tend to give tactile responsiveness, which is more convenient while typing.

The front panel is made from high-grade CNC processed aluminum. It gives it durability and a long lifespan. This is why this is the best Topre keyboard for a gamer who needs their devices to be portable.


  • Unrivaled tactile responsiveness
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Durable and long-lasting construction.
  • Wide range of compatibility.
  • Comfortable to type on.


  • Does not have a palm rest.




  • Inbuilt DIP switches.
  • Minimalist design with only 60 keys.
  • Nearly symmetrical layout.
  • Printed with dye-sublimated legends.
  • Contoured frame and keys.
  • Keys are made out of PBT.
  • Electrostatic capacitive keys are built-in.

When you're a programmer, you have distinct needs that the commercial keyboard models just can't fulfill. You'll need the keyboards to be easy to customize to your needs.

The Happy Hacking keyboard has been made by programmers who know exactly what you need. Usually, programmers and data professionals need to type more. If you are typing for a prolonged period in an awkward/wrong hand position, you might have to face the risk of developing Carpal tunnel syndrome. Keeping this in mind, this keyboard is developed following the needs of the programmers.

This keyboard has no frills to it and is made with an ultra-minimalist design. The keyboard size is quite similar to the 13-inch Macbook Pro. You can find almost all keys present here, but you need to use the function button to access most of them. So this compact keyboard is restricted to 60 keys.

This keyboard has the Topre electrostatic capacitive switch inbuilt. So when I used it, I could find no key chatter, and it had optimum tactility, extra comfort, and keystroke precision. The best part was, the frame and keys are made in a contoured shape. This ensures you have smooth movement across keys and saves you from hand and finger pain.

This model has a distinct advantage over its rivals, thanks to the keys made out of the best PBT material. Dye-sublimated legends are used for the print to ensure that they'll never fade away. With features like this, it is undoubtedly the best Topre keyboard made for programmers.


  • The print never fades away.
  • No finger and hand fatigue even after long hours of usage.
  • Silky smooth keypress.
  • Saves a lot of space on your desk.
  • Made specifically for efficient programming.


  • On the pricey side.




  • Designed with a rubber dome
  • Uses 35 g pressure switches
  • Laser-engraved PBT Keycaps
  • Two-stage support leg structure.
  • High-damping anti-skid pad included.
  • Three-way placement for the cable.
  • Comes with self-lubricating POM sliders

An all-around keyboard caters to every consumer's needs. The Epomaker is amazing for gaming, typing and also for other works.

The Epomaker has inbuilt linear, 35-gram electro capacitive switches. There are just 87-keys on this plum keyboard. The switches are easy to use and are nearly noiseless when used. It requires only 35g of pressure to press to the switches and works perfectly. This is why these switches give a gentle feeling while typing.

Talking about the trigger keys, this one has an adjustable trigger keystroke where you can switch the keyboard between 2mm and 3mm.

This keyboard has a sober two-tone grey color that blends in anywhere. The keycaps are made out of some of the best standard PBT material, making them resistant to the grime produced by oil from your hands. So you can type or game at furious speeds without having a second thought.

This keyboard comes with anti-ghosting technology and a six-key rollover, so it'll recognize every key pressed. This keyboard stays a step ahead of completion with its adjustable feet, and thus, it gives you an angled typing experience. The angle brings ease of use and can even be adjusted.

The included cable is protected from damage and has three-way placement. This is the best Topre keyboard for all-around function.


  • The layout can be programmed to fit your needs.
  • Uses anti-ghosting technology to handle great speeds.
  • Compatible with every mainstream software.
  • Has a stable grip on your desk.
  • The feet are adjustable and foldable.


  • Some keys get trapped during usage.




  • Capacitance Non-Contact Switch is inbuilt.
  • Key covers are included.
  • PBT material is used for the construction.
  • It comes with hotkeys.
  • Gold Plated USB Port included.
  • Has a 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Compatible with Cherry MX.

When you're on a budget, then choosing a multipurpose keyboard is a good choice. The ABKO K935P is the best topre keyboard when it comes to versatility. You can do everything right from the office work as a serious typist to any gaming requirements you have as a casual gamer.

In Topre keyboards, a signature sound is always sought after by the aficionados. With the ABKO K935P, you get an unrivaled experience with the boiling-water sound that it makes.

The keycap is made out of premium PBT material. This makes it fairly porous and will absorb any finger sweat you may have. As a result, they have a much better grip. The ABKO K935P is designed with a wide, shallow scoop within the keycaps.

This not just prevents cupping of the fingers but helps large and pudgy fingers type well. The best part boards build mutes out all unnecessary noises when you use them. The stabilizers of this keyboard have no creaking sound, and it produces no ping sound or reverb during its use.

So you can have a silent and calm working atmosphere with just the clicking of the keys. 


  • Extra grip while typing.
  • Eliminates all unnecessary noises.
  • Produces the beautiful trademark topre sound.
  • It can be used for multiple functions.
  • Easy to type for all finger types.


  • The cable is not detachable.




  • Comes with a detachable USB cable.
  • Uses dye sublimated PBT keycaps.
  • Inbuilt metal mounting plate.
  • Has an Electrostatic Capacitive System.
  • The PCB has Dual Layer FR-4..
  • Built with a rubber dome..
  • Designed with an ANSI layout.

A working keyboard needs to be simple yet functional. The FC980 has the most minimalistic and modern design. Its understated elegance makes for a great presence in your office. The body is constructed with thick black plastic. This makes it rock solid and durable.

You'll never have to worry about it rattling and flexing. The plastic is coated to prevent fingerprints and smudges on its surface. The fit and finish are well done and give it a sturdy build. Under the keyboard, there are four solid rubber feet that give this keyboard grip and stability.

Additionally, this unit features two flip-out feet that have their own rubber pads. This keyboard is also equipped with a mini-USB jack that has 3-way cable gutters. The FC980C has the most innovative and efficient ANSI layout that is unrivaled.

This layout has 98-keys and still has the functionality and usability of a full-sized keyboard while consuming significantly lesser space. With such a great design and build, it is the best topre keyboard for office purposes. 


  • Compact build that occupies minimal space.
  • The print on the keys will never fade away.
  • Has the efficiency of a full-sized keyboard.
  • Solid, long-lasting construction and finish.
  • Stable grip with the rubber feet.


  • There is a mushy feel to the keys.

How To Find A Best Topre Keyboard


There are various sizes of Topre keyboards, and you should consider your priorities while going through the various sized keyboards. There are full-sized keyboards that have all 108 keys present. These are big built and are going to occupy a lot of space on your desk.

The next popular type is the tkl or tenkeyless keyboards. Depending on your need for numbers, you can save on space and money because these keyboards do not have number pads. The most compact one is called a 60% keyboard.

They have the same features as the TKL but are only 60% the size of a regular keyboard. Whether the function you're looking for is versatility in keys or compatibility should be a deciding factor when it comes to size. Because that way you'll be able to buy the best Topre keyboard for your requirements. 


There are various means of connecting a keyboard to the rest of your PC. They can broadly be classified into cabled and wireless. Each method has its own set of advantages and limitations.

With cabled connections, you can work uninterrupted for as long as you want with a strong and pure connection. However, there will be a major restriction of movement, and it is not portable. So this type of keyboard is great for long stationary working hours. They might not be the best Topre keyboard for those who travel.

With wireless connections and Bluetooth keyboards, you get the freedom of movement and portability. However, there are restrictions in the form of battery life and connectivity issues. 


In this particular category, it is important that you go for certain common features no matter how you plan on using this keyboard. Long hours of using keyboards can result in anything from strain to injury in the long run.  So when buying a keyboard, keep this in mind the best Topre keyboard is that which is most ergonomic.

An ergonomic keyboard is going to be loaded with features that keep your fingers and palms comfortable no matter what. Some of these stress-relieving features include wrist rests and elevation adjusters that help your hands get rest and feel comfortable while you use them.


The best Topre keyboard for a gamer might not be ideal for a content writer. Each keyboard is designed with a specific kind of user in mind. The optimum performance out of each keyboard can be extracted when they're used for the right purpose.

A gaming keyboard has all kinds of bells and whistles with it. They come with customizable macro keys for specific gameplay and RGB backlighting for the aesthetic. Now anyone that buys a keyboard for work purposes is going to find a keyboard like this to be wasteful.


That is the end of our list. I highly recommend going out of your budget, perhaps a little, if it means you get a high-quality coaxial cable instead of a mediocre one if possible at the end. These coaxial cables are but a one-time investment, so you should try your best to get a good one.

It will make things a lot smoother for you: a better internet connection, fewer interferences from electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency, better satellite connection as well. Anyways, I hope this list helped. This was in no particular order, so consider all options and go for the one you feel is the best for you. Thank you for reading!


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