Why Is My Chromebook So Slow | How To Fix in 5 Minutes

I've been wondering why is my Chromebook so slow. I recently bought this device as I wanted a very lightweight and portable device that can be used at anywhere and at any time. I did some research and found out that it runs slower than other laptops on Windows's specific versions.

Chromebooks are designed to perform lightweight operating system operations that are intended to help you with some productivity tasks, but mostly handle light computing ones like streaming videos, browsing the internet and playing mobile games. Moreover, Chromebook is a perfect and very affordable laptop alternative.

So there are many factors for this including the user profile that you are using. Some users had particular applications or sites that cause problems like Java, which slows down your system.

I wanted to know if there is anything I can do about this and speed up my Chrome OS like a pro? Since this can cause many problems with your computer's performance, the steps below should help with the situation.

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HOW OFTEN YOU OBSERVE THAT your Chromebook IS So Slow?

Every user knows that they should be downloading stuff on their Chrome OS computers, but most people don't bother because the interface is not so high and it makes the PC take a long time to do things.

When you browse the web, everything is so slow. This is a problem that happens with all computers, but it happens more when you use a Chromebook. The main reason why Chrome OS is slow is because of Google's website speed. 

The causes of slow performance in the Chromebook are very similar to the roots of slow performance in Linux and other operating systems. There are specific programs that can cause the total shutdown of Chrome OS.

You will need to download a particular application that is going to be installed as a part of the operating system. Many people who use Chromebooks often do not realize how important it is to properly use some of the programs because they are used only for the sake of the operating system.

BASIC REASONS for Your Chromebook TO GET SlowED DoWN

The reasons are varied and quite a few. Some of the reasons include the use of programs that are outdated or installed from another operating system. These programs will force your computer to use up much of its resources, so it needs to load them again when they are required.

This also affects the speed of Chrome OS. You can also have the use of some programs which are not correctly configured. They cause the disk space to be shallow. This also causes it to slow down the performance of Chrome OS.

I found out that there are several reasons why my Chrome is running slowly. There are some programs which open too many times and make the system take longer to process them. Chrome does not stop processing all the tabs in one day as required by Google.

It becomes sluggish due to the background activity which occurs while browsing the internet. As these programs run, they need to keep in touch with the operating system for background updates and synchronization.

It also comes into use in transferring information from the hard disk to the SSD, which makes the disk spin up. And all these processes take place at a shallow speed.

When Chrome OS runs slower, it can make it difficult for users to do things like download, open emails, and change browser settings. Some websites that you might think are highly interactive require a lot of resources, but Chrome OS tends to run them less often.

The same thing goes for applications that you would download. The more you download, the more it eats up your system resources.

How to speed up your Chromebook that gets slowed down often?

  • The first step to fix the problem is to determine what the actual cause is. Most people assume that it's because there is too much information on the computer. It may be true in some situations, but in most cases, it is not. If you have been loading up your computer with too many files, you may notice that the network takes longer to start up.

    This can also be caused by running a program that is slow or causes the computer to shut down in the middle of a run. If you use an application that causes your computer to restart, then you will be able to find a registry cleaner that can fix the problem.
  • The second step is to see if anything else can be done to help speed up the system. If you find that there are specific programs that slow down the system, then you should remove them.

    The reason is that they are programs that make the computer run slowly. If you have a lot of data on the computer, some internal changes can be made to help it run faster.
  • Another way to boost Chrome OS speed is to switch from one Web browser to another: You can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. You should also have the latest version of Chrome installed. It is highly recommended that you start using programs like FileZilla or Cygwin to keep track of downloads.
why my Chromebook so slow

You may also get a large number of spam emails on your email account. A common cause of this is the use of an email program that does not support POP3 and IMAP.

You will find that if you want to use your Gmail account, you will have to delete the POP account if you use this method, now you know the reason for 'why my Chromebook so slow.'


A sluggish behavior of your Chromebook is not at all acceptable, especially when you have spent those hard-earned dollars on it. I would suggest that you do the same as I did to fix this problem. After all, you don't use this phrase 'why my Chromebook is so slow' again. 

The causes of slow performance in Chrome OS are rather simple and can be changed by just changing a few things within the operating system. However, the major problem lies with the users of these devices themselves. But I have backed you up here with all the possible causes and their plausible solutions as well. Just follow through, and you will get it solved in no time.


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