Forest Hills’ JetBlue looks for new space around the City

JetBlue Airway is heading to move up over 900 employees out of its Forest Hills headquarters, but the City Hall is taking necessary measures to keep the airline in the city, in the opinion of Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.

The Marshal’s spokesman, Dan Andrews stated that the mayor’s office has been taking steps to keep the JetBlue Airlines in both Queens and in other parts of the city. 

The Marshall said, ”JetBlue has been a good neighbor since its outset nearly a decade ago and we want it to stay that way”.

It’s so unsure and not clear, whether the airline wants to move its 900 administrative staff employees, as it would mean closing the Forest Hills office altogether or still leaving some personnel at its location: JetBlue is located at 118−29 Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills.

 JetBlue didn’t return calls for comment. It also reported considering ending flights to Long Beach, Calif. 

As per the report from The Los Angeles Times, the JetBlue was not satisfied because of the Long Beaches airport officials had never carried out the improvements the airline had long awaited for. 

Meanwhile, Crain’s New York, the business journal, predicted that JetBlue would be out of code red this year after the loss of the previous year. And it got the third position in a survey showing that  U.S. airline performance improved last year for the first time ever in the five years. 

The Wichita State and St. Louis Universities, conducted the Airline Quality Rating Survey and stated that JetBlue rated No. 3 after Hawaiian and AirTran. 

They released the survey on Monday at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. They also reported that this industry got this improvement after its worst-ever performance in the year 2007. 

Dean Headley, the associate professor of marketing at W. Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State – stated that “The system performs better when it’s less stressed by high passenger volume. It’s the economy that scared away both business and leisure travelers in 2008”.

JetBlue has founded in 2000 in-flight operation with flight operations based at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The airline’s first flight was to Florida cities and upstates of New York Cities. 


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