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Why Does My Controller Vibrate In Fortnite

If you worry why does your controller vibrate in Fortnite, then this article will get you the solution for your problem. Fortnite Battle Royale is updated with the latest 3.4 version. Many users are facing a lot of challenges while experimenting with new weapons in the Fortnite. Some users experience issues with the controller. This game has […]

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How To Hold A Fightstick | Beginner’s Guide

Well, you already know that finger sticks are the controller for fighting games. It consists of some push buttons and joysticks. Many people don’t know how to go with it, if you are one among them you have landed in the right page to learn How to hold a Fightstick correctly and operate it.Firstly, you […]

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Best External Hard Drive For PS4 Consoles

OVERVIEWGaming has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and with this, the demand for gaming consoles like PS4 has also seen a huge boost. Gaming enthusiasts who like to keep their games and apps saved often don’t find the console storage enough.In such a case, an external Hard drive is usually the option […]

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Best Joysticks And Flight Sticks For PC Gamers

Joysticks are simple stick-like structures with keys and buttons, used as an input device to a computing unit. The idea of joysticks is taken from the control handle used in aircraft for controlling the aircraft.They make it easy to control the aircraft because of its structure, which is built on a stable base and the […]

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Best MMO Mouse for a thriller Gaming Experience

OVERVIEWMMO stands for massively multiplayer online games and it is generally played by a large number of players, in hundreds and thousands on the same server. In the world of growing social life over the internet, the MMOs have become a massive part of the teenage of many people. Not just teenagers, people who are […]

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