How To Fix Graphics Card Fans Not Spinning

graphics card fans not spinning

Just woke up someday to realize that your GPU fan was not working? What do you think happens when the fan stops spinning (or) why do you think that the fan has stopped spinning?

Before all those confusions that arise, don’t we just want our fans to spin. Is it really difficult for the fans to spin? Depends upon the reason behind the fan not spinning but you don’t have to panic. It is not hard. Let’s jump in.

how to find graphics card fans not spinning?

Well, then the checking part Is not difficult. Check for the below-given points which would include

  • Checking for the grime.
  • Checking for power source.
  • Checking for GPU failure misconfiguration.

Now, let’s see how to check the above-mentioned pointers and why it is necessary to check those.


  • What really does, check for grime really mean? Sometimes, we can find a lot of hair or dust getting stuck in tiny holes preventing air from passing through it. Same way, there are a lot of chances that dust and grim might have clogged in the fan preventing it from spinning. probably could have clogged more if you have a pet at home.
graphics card fans
  • Accumulation of dust like hair and grease not only covers the fan on whole but also clogs it thereby holding it back from spinning.
  • How does it do it? It blocks the device air inlets from entering into which in turn results in the difficult spinning or not spinning of the fan.

2. Check for power source:

  • Checking for the power source might be another important or vital thing to do. Why is that so? It is important because as we all might know electrical issues are one of the important issues that damage the system.
  • Sometimes the cable might be damaged or accidentally unplugged leading to inconvenience.

3. Check for GPU failure misconfiguration:

  • Sometimes all the above-mentioned checks must be just fine and yet the problem might persist. What to check during times like that?
  • There are times at which a Paralyzed fan might affect the fan from working. Likewise, if we check deeply, we might find that the misconfiguration in the GPU might indicate the fans not to turn on.
  • Lastly, damaged motherboards will fail to communicate with the fans thereby resulting in the fans not spinning.

HOW TO FIX graphics card fans not spinning issue?

Under this, you will find the possible options that go

  • Restarting the system.
  • Remove the graphic card and dust.
  • Visit the site.
  • AMD Radeon software.
  • PC cable.
  • Other possible ways.

1. Restarting the system:

  • We all must have tried this definitely at some point in our life and it's not like it does not work. It almost a lot of times tends to fix the problem right away. So, try restarting your system and see if the problem is fixed, if you find the problem still persists, let’s jump on and try the other possible way to resolve the problem.
  • Why do you think it works? It works because, when you restart your system, clears the RAM, that is it frees up the space it had but showed as if it was reserved. This is why we surprisingly find all our problems getting resolved a lot of times while restarting.

2. Remove the graphic card and dust:

  • Try removing your graphics card and clean it with a air duster. Yes! Sometimes, as we discussed earlier, the dust might also be a huge reason. Once you have dusted it and inserted it, restart your system and see if your problem is resolved and if not, there are other possible options too.


  • Now if none of the above-mentioned methods worked, try going to the site and fix it.
  • Go to your preferred browser through your desktop and search for the AMD site – latest version Adrenaline 2020 edition.
AMD Software
  • Click on the link that’s mentioned and it will take you to a portal, download it and come back to your desktop.
  • Now, open it up. If you have a hard time finding it, just give it a search in the bottom left corner of your desktop screen and you will find it.
  • Upon opening it, you will find a performance tab to the left-hand corner of the page, click on it and you will find a ton of grass (that is not really needed for us right now.) click on the tuning tab (you will find that on the top left-hand corner)
  • Check on the right side for the fan tuning, you will see that the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the fan would already have been enabled. Now, disable it and you will find that the RPM is 0, Hit changes on the top and see the fan speed meter. Now, again go to the fan speed meter and enable the deactivated RPM. Hit save changed and you will find your fan spinning again at normal speed.

4. If this also seems to not work, then have the AMD Radeon software installed in your system.

  • Right-click on your desktop and open the software.
  • Go to the Performance tab, and you will find that the tuning tab is enabled.
  • If you find your fan speed is 0 RPM being enabled, disable it and apply changes.
  • Now upon enabling it again and restarting your system, you will find it spinning again.

5. Other possible ways:

  • You might have forgotten to plug in your PCle cable (if your PC requires it. Check that first.) from your PC might also have resulted in this.
  • If the other power cable is not plugged in.

6. If all these ways do not seem to work then

  • Your graphics card might be faulty, try contacting the service center.
  • You should remember that not all fans are meant for spinning. Some GPU fans have something called passive cooling. So, run a stress check, as in, try running a game and see if the fan spins.
  • Another problem might be that due to any recent upgrade in your system or GPU, the PSU (power supply unit) might have been overwhelmed, resulting in not supplying current accurately to all the components.
  • Try oiling the GPU fan bearings.
  • If all of these seemed useless, it might be the correct time to change your fan.


Almost a lot of times, your problem would be resolved with any one of the above-mentioned ways but if it seems like it is never-ending and does not resolve at all, tries contacting the service center, it might resolve the problem for you.

Hope this graphics card fans not spinning article was of help to you.


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