How Long Do AIO Coolers Last (Brief Guide)

how long do AIO coolers last

You have just spent a couple of dollars on your new AIO coolers. You are excited to use it and start gaming non-stop without worrying about things get all hot and heavy. Every piece of technology has a lifespan and as things tend to go, they eventually deteriorate. Keeping that in mind, the question arises; How long do AIO coolers last?

lifespan of an AIO cooler

Assuming you got a decent, quality AIO cooler. Considering everyday usage, realistically speaking, it should last you anywhere from about 5 to 8 years

Provided, of course, you take good care of it, clean it, maintain it and do not keep removing it constantly. Companies tend to claim 16 years sometimes but obviously, you must exaggerate things a little bit for the sake for marketing. The real number tends to be between 5-8 years, considering other variables.

If the approximate lifespan of an AIO cooler was all you were interested in knowing, there you go. For others wanting some more information regarding them and how you can help stretch the life of your cooler, keep reading.

How Safe are AIO coolers?

It is time to address some common misconceptions that people tend to have regarding AIO coolers. More often than not, they have this inherent fear that these coolers are not very safe. I do not know where this fear stems from but it is a shame as because of it, many people avoid this amazing piece of technology.

See, it is crucial to remember that everything eventually falls apart. The inevitable failure of something should not stop you from enjoying it while it lasts. That is like never buying a car because the engine will eventually fail. Yes, it will fail but you should still get one if you want one. It is the same here. AIO coolers will, eventually, fail.

They will not always leak out though. The possibility of a leakage happening is extremely low. If leaking was a major issue, AIO coolers would never make it in the market.

AIO coolers are called “closed-loop systems” because of the way they are designated. Their design is in itself a safety measure as it does not allow anything from the outside go inside and, as logic would go, nothing inside can go outside. If your AIO cooler is going to stop working, it is probably because of a pump issue, not leakage.

how to Maintain your AIO coolers

In order to get the most bank of your bunk, i.e, making sure your AIO coolers last for the longest possible time, you must play a major role in it. Maintenance is a key factor in determining the lifespan on any product and these coolers are no exception. Thankfully, one of the best things about AIO coolers is that they require very little in the department of “maintenance”.

All you have to do is make sure that the radiators and fans are running properly. Also, these units tend to accumulate a lot of dust so just gently brush it away and that is all you really have to do. A few seconds worth of cleaning will go a long way.

Reliability of AIO Coolers

AIO coolers are very reliable, especially these days. Sure, initially when they came out, reliability was a bit of an issue as they only lasted like 2 to 3 years. In recent years, they have come a long way and are way more reliable than their counterparts like air coolers and water loops.

In case of a leak

First of all, make sure to know the warranty period of your cooler. Most warranties are around 5 years, which is also the lifespan of these coolers but some go further up to 6 also. Know the number. If anything goes wrong while your cooler is in warranty, it should cover up for all the damage. With that said, the possibility of a leak is very low as we discussed earlier.

how long do AIO coolers last

Leaks are extremely rare. However, the reason why it is a concern is because it has happened. So, in a situation like this, in order to save the hardware of your PC, follow the given steps:

  • If you notice a leak, you have to act fast. Get up and immediately turn off your PC. Do not bother with the power button or turning off Windows, yank the power plug. You need to turn it off ASAP.
  • Get a towel and dry off all the spilt liquid. Depending upon how bad the leak is, you may be required to remove all components and drying them off individually.
  • Check all components for liquid residue and clean them using rubbing alcohol.
  • Leave everything to dry for at least 2 days. Do not hurry. The wait is going to be tough but you must because impatience can ruin your setup in a situation like this.


AIO coolers are an awesome addition to any gaming setup. They have had a bad rep due to their low lifespans in the early years of their manufacturing, however, now, with such strides in this department, they can last you a good amount of years.

Companies claim 16 years but realistically speaking, it is going to be half that. With that said, 8 years is far from bad. It is quite impressive actually. So this was all about how long do AIO coolers last, hope this article sounds useful and interesting for you.

how long do AIO coolers last

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