How Long Do Motherboards Last | Detailed Explanation


Motherboard in your is one of the essential components, and it dictates the entire functioning of your computer. So it is important to know how long do motherboards last. 

Choose the best Motherboards in the field because there is no coming back; if your Motherboard is damaged, you can repair it, but your PC's longevity is a question.

Now coming to the question, how long do Motherboards last? The answer to this question has a lot to do with the way to treat your board.

This article will talk about how long do motherboards last and the Maintenance of a Motherboard, factors affecting its lifespan, and how you can increase its longevity.

Factors That Affect The Motherboard


This is one of the primary reasons for a damaged motherboard. We all know the amount of heat generated by a computer, a 500 W PSU will convert most of its power into heat energy. Over time, this is bound to affect the effectiveness of your PC and Motherboard.

The heat generated can overwhelm components and they start triggering each other. Eventually, it causes irreparable damage to your Motherboard and PC.

Electrical failure

As electric energy continually passes through your Motherboard, overtime the components wear out. Capacitors are added onto the Motherboard to control the electrical discharge. Capacitors only work for limited cycles and eventually fail; the longevity of your Motherboard can depend on the quality of your capacitator. In such case, you need to replace the capacitor. 

External Impacts and damages

Direct physical impact to your computer or its components can affect the Motherboard. Along with this, the constant movement of your computer can affect the performance of the Motherboard. It is mainly because many joints and mounted components can come apart due to the device's constant movement.


Water is your PC's biggest enemy. A tiny drop of water can sometimes cause irreparable damage to your device. The salts present in the water trigger the electronic board causing a chain reaction between the components, which is why you need to make sure your device is kept away from moisture.


Another determinant or affecting factor of the lifespan of the Motherboard is the usage of the device. The Motherboard is active for as long as the PC is active.

If you use it only for a couple of hours, then it shouldn't affect your Motherboard that much. If you have the PC switched on 24/7, then the Motherboard will wear out quicker than anticipated.


PCB Degradation and aging

Your device also ages over time just like you and most things around you. Over the years, the many wears and tears will stop the Motherboard from functioning further. The PCB degradation occurs due to the bacteria that grow on it due to the air's humidity.


Motherboards may not be compatible with a lot of hard wares or soft wares. Some motherboards are only compatible with just 2 generations of CPU. It renders the motherboards useless, causing it to become obsolete.


Refrain from overclocking your components. Nothing but increase performance, some people often overclock their CPUs. You will receive better performance from your device, but it comes at a cost.

By doing so, you decrease the lifespan of the Motherboard. Overclocking puts a strain on the Motherboard. It increases heat and electrical discharge, causing it to wear out quicker.


These are some of the factors that affect the functioning of your Motherboard. A single damage with the components can make a big impact and will lead to motherboard repair and hardware diagnostics

How to Increase your Motherboard's lifespan

Let's talk about the things you can do to slow down the aging process of your PC's Motherboard. Here are some tips you can follow or keep in mind when using your device,

Clean your Motherboard

Make sure to clean your Motherboard and not wait until the dust settles on the surface. The dust that settles on your Motherboard will act as a barrier between your PC's cooling process. It causes your device to overheat, which is damaging.

When cleaning, make sure you don't blow into the PC's case as your breath consists of moisture and bacteria destructive to the device. The best solution to clean out the dirt in your case is by purchasing a Air Duster. It is safe for the device, and helps clean the dirt away in few seconds.


The airflow is vital to prevent overheating. It is essential to place fans in a direction that would absorb the heat from the case and toward the top. Your device's hotter components are usually placed in the back; this is why the placing of the fans is crucial.

how long do motherboards last

Protection from Power Surges

Electrical surges are one of the primary causes of motherboard damage, which is why it is essential to have a high-quality PSU to prevent power surges. Additionally, low-quality power units can also cause damage to your device, rendering it unusable.

It is advised to power your devices with a multi-plug search protector; this helps your PC from unwarranted power surges such as lightning or any other power overload. When purchasing a PSU, buy one of a higher quality. It may be a bit hard on the pocket, but it will prove its worth by giving your PC the ultimate protection.

Avoid Moisture

As mentioned, moisture is not kind to your device. The damages caused by liquids will disrupt your entire device. Humidity may affect the performance of the Motherboard. The best solution is to purchase high-quality air-intake fans.


So this was all about how long do motherboards last. We can guarantee a 10-year lifespan for your Motherboard (if maintained well) from what we've read. Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into the longevity of a motherboard and how you can maintain it throughout the years.

how long do motherboards last

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