How To Hold A Fightstick – Detailed Guide

Well, you already know that finger sticks are the controller for fighting games. It consists of some push buttons and joysticks. Many people don't know how to go with it, if you are one among them you have landed in the right page to learn How to hold a Fightstick correctly and operate it.

Firstly, you should know How to hold Fightstick to play games. Since you will be playing for more time you must choose the one which is comfortable to play.

If your arms are not compatible with the fightstick, then there can be a difference in winning and losing.

Tips To Place Your Fightstick/Arcade Stick Safely

Before placing the arcade stick on your lap or flat surface, you should consider few things. One more thing, again, this section comes under personal preference. Many professional players use multiple ways - because they do whatever is comfortable for them.


If you like to sit and play on the sofa/couch, your lap must be the most comfortable place for your fightstick.

Placing your fightstick on your lap is more practical than other ways. Because whenever you are traveling or moving, the table is not always guaranteed.

Other Surfaces

Maybe many of them were not comfortable placing the fightstick on their lap. Many other options like the desk, coffee table, TV stand, chair, the floor, etc. Make sure that the surface is stable and smooth.

How to hold a Fight stick/ARCADE STICK

As many of you know there are two types of fightstick finger placement, left-hand placement and right-hand placement. The fightstick or joystick is on the left-hand placement, so gamers hold it using their left hand.

I could notice a lot of people hold the fightstick using fingertips. This is not advisable because the inputs will be slow and the dashing won't be hard. So it is advisable to hold it using your hand.

Today, I will provide a beginner's guide for how to hold an arcade stick properly. It is important to buy good quality joystick to keep it going comfortably.

best way to hold arcade stick/Joystick/FIGHTSTICK

how to hold a fightstick
  • Classic full hand grip: This type is mainly used for holding ball joysticks, and for executing this grip, you have to hold the joystick with your fingers and thumbs, just like you hold a broomstick or something. That's why it is also called a broomstick grip as it helps you with better control over the joystick.
  • Grip it like Wine Glass: Many people find this arcade stick grips more comfortable, and it is one of the best types of grip among all. You have to hold it between your ring and middle finger, just like you hold a wineglass. Keep your palm face up, turn your hands straight, so that it faces towards the button. After then, you can use your middle and index finger and thumb to move the joystick. Just try to keep your hand plant on the joystick and carry it with your fingers and thumb. 
  • Hybrid Grip: This is just the same as wine glass grip. Since it offers more efficient control to your joystick, you have to grip the pinky and ring fingers in this type. Since it allows us to move the stick with four fingers, this grip gives you better control by a wine glass, and it is more comfortable than the Broomstick grip. Sometimes, it is difficult to start because of practice, but if you get a master's, it is sufficient.

# Which is better fightstick grips?

It is not compulsory to follow only these types of grips. You can choose the grip according to your variation and comfort level. So, hold a joystick just like you feel comfortable and easy.

# Which Grip Professionals Use?

how to hold a fightstick
  • Diego Umehara
    Street Fighter
  • Kazunoko
    Game: Street Fighter, DBZ Fighter
    Grip: Wine glass
  • JDCR
    Game: Tekken
    Grip: Broomstick

So, these are the groups that are used by pros. You can take help from their choices for better gripping.

Now, it is important to think about how to press the button? For this, you have to depend upon the game as some require button combination with many fingers, and some just needs your three fingers.

How to press the Buttons - fighting stick guide

There is some point you have to keep in mind while pressing the fight stick buttons.

  • Press the button under right-hand placement. There is no fixed way to use buttons; it depends on the type of game you play.
  • Next, some games require a better combination, and you can use it with your fingers. Many games are using three buttons for starting.
  • For example, there is a Game Street Fighter, and it requires six buttons 1st three from up, another three from down. It needs three fingers to execute light, medium, massive kick, and light. Don't use the last two buttons and keep your wrist on Fightstick.
how to hold a fightstick


So, choose the best hand position and grip, which makes your game more comfortable. Firstly, load the game and practice it. The more you practice, the grip comes naturally.

If you want to practice another grip, then remember it should be compatible. It is advisable to practice 30 minutes before starting the game. 

how to hold a fightstick

Just try all of them and choose according to your needs. So, this is the complete guide on how to use a fightstick effectively. If you face any problem while playing games, then we're here to help you in every possible way.  


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