How To Lubricate A Fidget Spinner In 5 Mins

Lubricate a Fidget Spinner

Oiling or Lubricating a Fidget Spinner is essential, but for the right reason. If you are amongst those who want to lubricate their fidget spinners to increase their speed, you are wrong.

Frequent oiling or lubrication of fidget spinner can reduce the speed and length of its spins.

You can increase the speed by cleaning the fidget spinner bearings and not lubricating it aggressively. For people well aware of fidget spinner's functioning and construction, you know how you can maintain your spinner and make it last longer.

This article will articulate those facts and teaches how to lubricate a fidget spinner.


What is a fidget spinner?

Fidget spinners are small toys made of ball bearing that can be played by rotating it between your fingers. People enjoy this due to the momentary action created by the spinning of the spinner, which gives a pleasant sensory sensation. This sensation experience, as mentioned by experts, is very beneficial for countering stress and anxiety.

People love to use fidget regularly and play with it to counter their emotional tensions and stress. The spinner comes in different sizes and colors.

why do you Need to lubricate fidget spinner

The fidget spinner's lubrication becomes a point of discussion when you want to reduce the noise made by it. As most fidget spinners nowadays are made of ceramic/hybrid ceramic bearing, they produce a lot of noise. Of course, the noise made by it is not of a speaker's intensity, but just the weird whirring or hissing sounds that can be irritating at times.

Adding a little bit of lubrication or oil to the center of the spinner's bearings can reduce this noise to great extents. For a smoother spinning fidget spinner, adding oil and making sure it is lubricated is necessary. Sometimes when the spinner lacks lubrication, you will be able to feel more vibration at the center where you hold it.

Some people enjoy this vibration, and some do not. A quick fix to this is lubricating the spinner at the center to reduce the vibration. Thus, lubrication works well if you want your fidget spinner to rotate without vibrations and a smoother spin.

Materials needed

Before you start the process of oiling the spinner, make sure to arrange the following things that will ease out the process:

  • Lubricating oil is an essential element in the process of lubricating. There are many lightweight lubricants available in the market that can do the work.
  • You will also need a clean surface on which you can place your spinner and oil so that the oil spilling does not damage or stain the surface. For this, thick cloth or a cardboard surface will be efficient.
  • Clean paper towels.

How To Lubricate A Fidget Spinner - Step By Step

Once the Calibration is done, you will be able to test the controller. In the properties, there is a test option, and you can use the same. If you think that the mechanism is pretty good, then you can start playing the same.

So, running the test will seem to be a bit time consuming, but then if you can find the right solution, there will be better options available.

Once you do these things, you will realize that you did an excellent job.

Lubricate a Fidget Spinner
  • Step 1: Clean the center bearing of your fidget spinner, with a clean cloth. 
  • Step 2: Disconnect the center caps or the finger pads, whichever may be present from the spinner surface to expose the center bearings.
  • Step 3: Place the fidget spinner on a clean and dry surface away from dust and lint. Let the ball bearing part face the upper side. Place the spinner in a position to be cleaned readily, even if oil spills on it. For this purpose, a piece of scrap cardboard can do the trick.
  • Step 4: Add one drop of oil in the center of the ball bearing. A small drop can penetrate well, so no need to flood the center part. Always remember less is more.
  • Step 5: Now gently spin the spinner in an alternate direction so that the oil can work its magic deep in the bearings.
  • Step 6: Put the center caps or finger back on the spinner to protect the central bearings from attracting dust and particles to settle.
  • Step 7: Wipe off carefully any excess oil from the spinner, with a clean paper towel. Make sure you do not accidentally touch the bearing with the towel.

These seven steps should be followed every time you want to lubricate your fidget spinner. At such a stage, after oiling your spinner and testing it. If you feel that you want your spinner to spin like previously, you can still go for it.

Yes, that' that's right. You still got a chance to de-lubricate your spinner. To remove the spinner's oil, you carefully need to remove the finger pads and soak the fatback. The central bearing should be cleaned so that there are no signs of lubrication.

Drawbacks of oiling a fidget spinner

Oiling can also have negative impacts on your spinner's spinner's overall performance. Here is what you need to know about the drawbacks of a lubricating fidget spinner.

  • A lubricating fidget spinner has a large chance of attracting dust particles at the center of the ball bearing, which can be wrong. This will lead to an additional task for you to frequently keep cleaning your fidget spinner and checking it to keep working well.
  • The process can be messy. It is quite possible that some parts of oil ooze out of the bearing during spins, which is enough to cause a mess. That is why it is advisable not to use more than a drop while lubricating the spinner to no extra oil coming out.
  • The biggest drawback of lubricating fidget spinner can finally affect the spinning performance of it. It is true and mentioned above that oiling, to some extent, can slower the spins and reduce the spin length and speed.


Lubricating your fidget spinner is a good practice to reduce its noise and vibrations if you do not like it.

The seven simple steps mentioned in the above article are your complete guide on lubricating your fidget spinner without creating a mess. Go ahead, lubricate, and spin the spinner. 

Lubricate a Fidget Spinner

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