How To Underclock GPU (Simple Guide)

nvidia- How to underclock GPU

In a world where the talk of the town is regarding overclocking GPUs, you might be astonished to learn that you can underclock them as well. But isn't it true that everybody needs more pace and enhanced performance? So, why would you desire to lower your GPU's clock speed?

Well, there are plethoras of justification for this. As a result, I'll go through everything you require to understand about underclocking GPUs in this post.


First and foremost, think about your requirements.

For example, if you don't desire a GPU to run at maximum speed all the time, underclocking is a good way to save money on your energy bills. The obligation to underclock can also be indicated by rising temperatures. Likewise, if you aren't a gamer and your computer isn't utilized for anything other than a few light virtual games, go ahead.

nvidia underclock - How to underclock GPU

Finally, if you've been struggling with overheating for a while and haven't been able to identify a clarification, then this might be a good place to start. So, now as you know whether or not you can do it, let's look at how it's underclocked.

How to Underclock GPU?

It is now fairly simple to underclock a GPU. Since all of your work will be done for you if you choose the correct software. As of now, I suggest you to use MSI Afterburner software, as it is the best on the market. Thus, let's take a look at how you would be able to accomplish this.

install msi afterburner

Initially, the MSI Afterburner must be downloaded. You can get a download link from their website. Also, you can get the beta edition. Few additional functions are included in the beta edition, however, if you're a novice to underclocking GPUs, I recommend sticking with the standard edition.

Once downloaded, you can start the installation procedure. It's the same as installing every other software. All you have to do now is follow the installation wizard's instructions. Lastly, open the program to underclock your GPU.

check if your gpu is recognized by the software

This is a crucial point to keep in mind. If the MSI Afterburner software hasn't identified your GPU, you'll need to conduct additional research. Also, try restarting the software if this occurs.

Though, it might not always be the case, you can double-check if your GPU is properly linked.

reduce the gpu meter's value

In the lower middle section of the UI, you'll find alternatives to adjust the GPU clock rate. You can adjust the GPU rate on the GPU meter and click on apply option to override the adjustments. 

save your preferences

Once, the last step is done. You need to save the changes you have done to your GPU using this software and you are done. 

FOUR KEY ADVANTAGES of underclocking

Now that you have learned how to underclock GPUs, you need to understand the advantages of doing this. Altogether, there are four key advantages for someone who underclocks their GPU.

the amount of power used is decreased

When you reduce the clock speed on your PC, it implies on your hardware and it consumes less power to run. Thus, you can save money on your energy bills as a result of the decreased power usage.

gpu temperature is reduced

Reducing the clock speed will result in lowering fan speeds and as a result, it makes the GPU cool and makes it operate at a lower temperature.

gpu temperature - How to underclock GPU
quieter fans

When the GPUs start working faster, obviously, they end getting heated. So the fans have to run faster to cool it. But if you underclock the GPU, the fans need not work that hard to keep things under control, and thus, it doesn't make any noise while functioning.

overheating is less likely

Since your fans run slowly and doesn't need to put lot of work, the power consumption also becomes less and your GPU starts to run at a lower temperature. So this eliminates the chances of overheating.


An overclocked GPU isn't needed for everyone because some users only use a small amount of memory, or none at all, based on the amount of memory their graphics card can provide.

If you're confident you won't be using all of your GPU's capabilities. So follow the above procedures and tweak your settings to suit your requirements. Plus, underclocking should save you money on your electricity bills while maintaining a similar gaming encounter without sacrificing efficiency.


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