Kruger’s campaign expenses reveal a really fancy bathroom

“State Sen. Carl Kruger’s $2.1-million campaign fund brings new aiming to the phrase “money to burn”.

With no viable competition this year, Kruger (D–Sheepshead Bay) has spent an honest chunk of that cash on high-priced hotels ($8,630), swanky restaurants ($13,000), his car ($8,939) and even his iTunes account ($302), consistent with an investigation spearheaded by our sister publication, the NY Post.

But the most important campaign expenses were saved for a huge renovation of his office on Avenue U and East 22nd Street, on which Kruger spent quite $90,000, including quite $23,000 on furniture.

He also billed his campaign account with nearly $1,000 for plumbing in his office bathroom. Donors also poneyed up the extra $288 that Kruger spent on bathroom supplies.

Seems like the office must also be quite welcoming as Kruger plunked down $540.65 on doormats.

The Post noted that Kruger spent $4,700 for paint and wallpaper, albeit two of the walls have floor to ceiling windows.

Then there are the unexplained office rehab expenditures: Campaign filings show that he spent $4,844 on tiles, although his office is carpeted, and $545 for landscaping, albeit the office has no lawns or gardens.

He also paid $10,500 to a replacement Jersey air-con and heating plant company with two different addresses — one among which doesn’t exist.

But all of those expenses seem to be a prey , a minimum of in Albany’s eyes since there are only a few restrictions on campaign spending.

Still, claiming that an office rehab will help his re-election may be a pretty advertisement.

The Legislators are barred from campaigning from their district office, According to the State Law. The headquarters of “Friends of Carl,” Kruger’s re-election committee, is really located around the corner from his district office during a small storefront on East 22nd Street between avenues U and V.

“Kruger’s abusing the law, albeit he’s not necessarily violating it,” Dick Dadey, executive of the Citizens Union — a government watchdog group — told the Post. “He is violating the public’s trust.”

When contacted, Kruger stated that his office was “beautiful” and which  is “not a dime of taxpayer money was used.”


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