Most Expensive Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews

Occasionally, we are all on a strict budget and seek the most excellent keyboard we can acquire. When we’re seeking a keyboard that meets every one of our requirements, affordability often can take a detour—the most expensive, precisely built, and ultimately costly model available.

Once it comes to choosing the best mechanical keyboard, making the appropriate selection can be challenging and confusing. Although we are on a budget almost all of the time when searching for a good keyboard.

In any circumstances, whether you’re looking to purchase a high-end keyboard or would like to understand whichever of the keyboards are deserving of the title of “most expensive mechanical keyboards,” the selection below shall preferably give great insight. There are several solutions accessible to provide you exposure to significantly improved and exceptional results.

If you are searching for the most expensive gaming keyboard just out of curiosity or actual intent to buy, then you have visited the right place. Here I will be reviewing the most expensive mechanical keyboards that you can buy to fulfill your luxurious gaming fantasies.


Mechanical keyboards are mostly expensive because they come from top-notch manufacturing brands. All the efforts put in modifying or adding an extra component to build that keyboard and make it look ravishing.

There could be multiple reasons why high-end gaming keyboards run high on budget, but the most explicit reasons are the type of mechanical switch embedded and RGB lightings. Switches and backlights determine the price of the mechanical keyboard, making it five times worth a regular keyboard.

Another reason these keyboards are so expensive is their customization options, such as N-key rollover or 50+ million keystrokes, etc.





  • Two-color injection ABS keycap
  • 2 Multimedia roller wheel
  • Cable management groove
  • Ergonomic wrist bed for extra support and comfort.

Yadsheng is the premium and the most expensive gaming keyboard with 104 keys and 2 additional multimedia buttons. This is no regular keyboard and is built for ultimate gamers who seek high performance in every session.

This keyboard provides tactile feedback with the help of mechanical switches and is highly responsive in every keystroke. The mechanical switches used here are green mechanical clicky tactile switches with optimized trigger and reset points so that you can enjoy a crisp sound and feel in each keystroke.

The switch makes gaming and typing very soothing and comfortable. For you to be more comfortable while gaming or typing, this Yadsheng keyboard offers ergonomic wrist rest. The wrist rest is very soft and well-cushioned to support your wrist to its full potential.

The wrist rest is positioned aligned with the keyboard, so you don’t have to push yourself hard to get on the wrist bed. The keyboard has multi-function roller wheels that you can use and configure to play, pause, tweak and skip.

Not just this, you can also configure them to adjust the brightness of RGB lighting and volume adjustment. All sorts of entertainment convenience in a single wheel.

In addition, it provides cable management facilities. The keyboard is designed in such a way with grooves that your cable will be held tight in one place so you can have clean and clutter-free desk space.

All these unique features of this keyboard make this the most expensive keyboard gaming appropriate.


  • The keycaps offer uniform backlighting
  • USB connectivity possible
  • Comes with cushioned detachable wrist rest.
  • Highly responsive
  • Includes tactile switches for crisp sound and response.




  • Omnipotent Adjustable Mechanical switches.
  • USB Passthrough Port and cable management
  • 5 onboard profiles
  • 2X durability, 5X faster actuation(0.4mm-3.6mm); 8X faster response.
  • 100 million contacts fewer keypresses

SteelSeries Apex Pro is a top-line product from the SteelSeries keyboard, and its range is considered as one of the most expensive computer keyboards for gaming. This sophisticated mechanical keyboard is 8X times faster than the traditional ones due to its high responsive switches with magnetic sensors.

These switches have adjustable drift, which can be adjusted anywhere from 0.4mm to 3.6mm. This is a rare feature that any manufacturer provides in a gaming keyboard. Hence, it’s a solitary piece of innovation.

If you are aware, not every keyboard provides maximum keypress potential. Most of the keyboards have 50+ million keypresses but not more than that. Well, this keyboard has gone beyond limitations.

It offers 100 million keypresses without any need for direct physical contact. This is possible because the switches used here are OmniPoint magnetic switches that are hard to degrade and do not wear down over decades.

Dedicated multimedia gives users an immersive and convenient gaming experience. A simple clickable metal roller allows users to adjust volume, brightness, other actions such as skip, pause, play, stop, and many more. With this keyboard, you would have 100% Anti-ghosting property and 104 key rollovers.

Besides its unique features, the build of this keyboard is very compelling; sharp RGB backlight and sleek design make a good first impression on the buyer. This keyboard is constructed with high Aircraft-grade Aluminum alloy that gives a lifetime of assurance on durability.

Overall, this is an excellent buy if you are looking to have the most expensive keyboard in the world on board.


  • This keyboard has the world’s best mechanical switches.
  • Offers great durability
  • Faster response time
  • N-key rollover
  • Strong built




  • Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch.
  • Multi-functional keys, remappable macros keys.
  • On-board Memory & Cloud Storage.
  • Magnetic Wrist rest
  • 30% shorter actuation distance

This is the best-selling gaming keyboard in the U.S and is now one of the world’s most expensive keyboards. This gaming keyboard has redefined the boundaries of gaming by bringing in Razer’s very own optical switch. These Razer optical switches make use of infrared light that results in 1.5mm instant actuation.

No mechanical keyboard is complete without RGB lighting; this keyboard involves ultimate Razer Chroma RGB immersion in each key that supports 16.8 million colors integration that can be adjusted using Razer software. This keyboard has 4 dedicated programmable media keys for easy access to adjust anything from brightness to volume.

The Razer Huntsman Elite is designed for gamers and their ease of use. The Opto-mechanical switch utilizes optical technology for the highest accuracy and speed in every keypress. Gaming could be tedious at times due to wrist fatigue, but with this keyboard, there’s no fatigue as it includes a magnetically attached leatherette RGB wrist rest that glows when in use. The build of this keyboard is unbreakable and durable due to its solid Aluminum frame.

The Huntsman Elite keyboard has onboard memory and cloud storage to save all your customization, profiles, etc. In my opinion, this is the best keyboard with the most expensive keyboard switches you can opt for precise typing or gaming.


  • Sharp RGB lighting
  • Sleek design
  • Fast response time
  • Reliable optical switches
  • Includes magnetic wrist rest




  • Cherry MX Speed mechanical key switches.
  • ABS brushed aluminum body frame.
  • 8MB Onboard profile storage
  • Corsair iCUE software
  • HID keyboard report rate is 1000Hz.

This is a special version made for those who want to have the high tech gaming keyboard then you can opt for this keyboard and enjoy its immersive and persuasive performance in every gaming session.

This keyboard includes Cherry MX Speed mechanical key switches as these switches give the highest typing speed and no ghosting during game play. These switches provide the highest preciseness and blistering speed of 1.2mm actuation which is needed in most gaming keyboards nowadays. Corsair K70 MK.2 SE mechanical keyboard offers onboard 8MB storage capacity so that you can save or store your lighting profiles, shortcuts without the help of using extra hard drives or software.

The feature that makes this the most expensive switch keyboard is the white colored double-shot keycaps that provide highest accuracy and durability that lasts for decades so that the user can enjoy lifelong immersive gaming with RGB lightings that are durable as well.

This keyboard is upright for customization with the help of Corsair iCUE interface software that lets you manage various functions on your own such as RGB lighting, macro key programming, and full-system lighting synchronization around the CPU and other Corsair components.


  • Impressive design
  • Comes with a detachable wrist rest
  • Onboard storage facility
  • Vibrant custom RGB lighting
  • Smooth functioning




  • UNIX Arrangement for maximum productivity
  • Keymap customization
  • Hybrid connectivity with USB Type-C and Bluetooth pairing
  • Shine-resistant PBT keycaps and spacebar
  • Top Silent key switches
  • Capacitive non-contact approach with no rattling
  • Altering keymap function
  • Fast-moving Structure of “Type-S” keys
  • =o0-step tilt adjustment and a logical keyboard arrangement
  • Bluetooth and Type-C USB

This is a professional hybrid Type-S keyboard that is sculpted in cylindrical design to provide ergonomic and more natural hand position while typing or gaming. HHKB Hybrid keyboard offers hybrid connectivity options that allow you to connect this keyboard to a tablet PC, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone via USB or Bluetooth pairing.

This is a minimalist or can say a premium Tenkeyless keyboard that has a symmetrical layout to help you hand rest and not leave the row to reach all the keys. With such a design, layout fatigue reduces, and efficiency increases.

Besides, the keys on the keyboard make no noise as they have Topre silent key switches that eliminate key chatter and provide extra comfort while making each keystroke, all this to give users a quieter HHKB experience. For this reason, this mechanical keyboard is suitable for quiet offices or rooms.

With this mechanical keyboard, you can do keymap customization, and all of those settings will be saved even if you connect to different devices. Dip-switch customization allows you to change the keyboard mode that works for different OS.

This is the keyboard with the most expensive keycaps and hence becomes expensive overall. However, it is a good pick for those looking for a professional typing keyboard.


  • Silent typing
  • Very responsive
  • Sophisticated design and hue
  • Strong build
  • Compact size
  • Well-built without becoming overweight
  • Great responsive keys’ noise
  • Supports Bluetooth (compatible with four other devices)
  • Supported by four rubber legs




  • 30 hours non-stop gaming
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB Integration
  • 5 Programmable G keys
  • Premium 5052 Aluminum Alloy Top plate for the highest durability
  • 3-Onboard profile configurations
  • Light-speed wireless
  • Next-generation RGB lighting
  • Low-profile mechanical switches
  • five dedicated G-keys
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body

Even the most advanced gaming keyboards are not suitable for everyone. While users prefer the greater movement of mechanical keys and the strong renditions of most gaming keyboards, many individuals might appreciate something more modest, with a typing experience similar to that of their laptops.

The G915 Lightspeed from Logitech unites the perfect blend. It’s a low-profile mechanical keyboard, so it has a lower stroke than your laptop’s blade keys, but it’s more tactile and pleasant. Its compact, lightweight body has a sophisticated aspect to it, despite the RGB lighting, and can be used in both a workplace and a gamer’s combat zone.

It’s a large board with media center controls, keys for transitioning between inbuilt profiles, a “game mode” toggle to disconnect the Windows key as well as other access codes of your selection, and controls for making adjustments to backlight light output and shifting between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks on the left side. It also includes a slick aluminum volume roller near the multimedia controls on the top right.

The G915 is tiny and compact, measuring 0.75 by 18.7 by 6 inches. The keyboard is somewhat bulkier than it appears, which may be a concern for a wireless keyboard because you would want to use it on your lap or take it around.

It is understandable that some mechanical-keyboard enthusiasts may not like the low-profile experience, as somebody who plays a bunch of games and can snap each and every joint in his hands. The Lightspeed, on the other hand, is one of the best mechanical solutions for folks who want a faster press or merely like faster typing.


  • Smooth functioning
  • Ultra-thin design for easy portability
  • Long-lasting up to 30 hours
  • Dual Connectivity
  • 3 Switch variations
  • A simple design and technologically advanced appearance
  • Good quality coiled micro USB cable
  • Pleasurable typing experience
  • Easy to use GHUB system
  • Expensive, but reasonable




  • OmniPoint flexible buttons
  • Built with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • 16.8 million hues per key
  • Premium adhesive wrist rest
  • RGB lighting

From the globe’s quickest finger-sensitive strokes to powerful and typo-free pushes and everything in between, every single button can be configured to suit your preferred engagement, ability to play more precisely, efficiently, and comfortably.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro enters a competitive keyboard market that hasn’t evolved so much over the last ten years or so. Users have become so accustomed to Cherry MX mechanical switches and RGB lighting that it is really easy to lose track of what’s what. This gaming keyboard not only has a sturdy and appealing design with minimal to no empty space, but it also has magnetic memory key switches that can be adjusted by the operator.

When it comes to controlling keyboards in total, one of our major biggest gripes is how huge keyboards can get. This laptop’s sturdy metal would be just large enough to hold it without being overly bulky. The Apex Pro practically finishes where the keys stop, so there’s no blank space on the edges. In our opinion, the simple design earns it a lot of points.

This OLED display may currently have been used to alter parameters such as activation, illumination, and OLED intensity without having to fiddle with the computer. In reality, you will see a depiction of the level of power necessary for every numerical level when altering the activation through the OLED display.


  • Quick and slick
  • Personalization of colors
  • Personalized OLED screen
  • Personalized discord hues
  • USB pass-through feature




  • Analog Optical Switches from Razer
  • PBT double-shot keycaps
  • Magnetic Wrist Rest that is Ergonomic
  • 4 Media Keys and a Multi-Function Digital Dial
  • Passthrough USB 3.0

With the latest Huntsman V2 Analog, Razer wants to transform that. Optical switches are used in this latest flagship gamer keyboard to enable joystick-like manipulation in games. It’s a unique innovation that combines keyboard and controller compatibility into a single premium bundle that has the potential to revolutionize the way you game.

The V2 Analog is a comprehensive keyboard that is very comparable to the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro from last year, which itself was quite close to the Razer Huntsman Elite from 2018

The board is substantial, which instantly gives it a more luxurious feel, and it remains perfectly in position on the desktop. It has Razer’s superb Doubleshot PBT modifier keys, which look and sound incredible while also insulating the symbols from radiation.

It includes a new leatherette wrist support, which is certainly the finest I’ve ever seen on a keyboard. It’s magnetized, so it clicks into position instantly. Separate LEDs are used below each key, including under the inter slider and multimedia keys, on the Huntsman V2 Analog.

The keyboard can operate the wrist rest and sync up under low light sources via a series of POGO connectors on the base of the board. All of this may be readily adjusted within Synapse, either by choosing a template or creating your own complex effect.

The key switches are fast and precise, with the analog capability having little effect on how well the keys appear. When understanding how to use analog operations, the additional key weight is also beneficial.


  • Choice of an activation point
  • Easy to synchronize its keys
  • Underglow n with 16.8 million hues
  • Constructed of thick leatherette for comfort




  • Reliability on key combinations
  • Bluetooth
  • USB-C
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Typing on it is flawless

The Happy Hacking Keyboard has become one of the most popular keyboards among “real” mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

And this innovative Bluetooth modified version, the Happy Hacking Keyboard Hybrid Type-S, certainly takes many of the best parts about the HHKB, adds a whole new Bluetooth control system and USB-C, and creates something just as magnificent that you’d be able to accept the outrageous cost.

Mechanical keyboards aren’t for everyone because each user’s typing digits define “excellent” separately. The HHKB employs the well-known and pricey Topre key switching, which is regarded as one of the most sumptuous among mechanical keyboard switches among most mechanical keyboard users.

A gradual build-up of moderate tension, followed by a seamless relaxation. It’s almost as if you were busting the enormous bubbles in packaging wrap, except without the annoying snap at the ending.

The redesigned HHKB Type-S went a step beyond by including a USB-C port for direct connection to a desktop and a Bluetooth module for wire-free operation. While Bluetooth can be tricky, you will have no problems with the HHKB Type-S even after months of use. It’s completely wire-free and without flaws.


  • It’s simpler to push keys
  • Significantly dimmer in terms of noise
  • Crafted beautifully
  • Compatible with most of the devices
  • Smooth connectivity




  • Removable Numpad
  • ROG RX Red and RX Blue has Optical Mechanical Switches
  • Works wired and wireless
  • ROG Claymore II
  • Synchronized light effects

The Asus ROG Claymore II is a fantastic full-size premium keyboard from Asus. A removable numeric keypad sets it different from the rest, along with premium amenities, including a volume slider, USB switching, and a conveniently connected wrist rest.

This could be due to the Claymore II being a more interesting keyboard in general. This device has everything: new patented optical controls, a pair of specialized macro buttons in the usual media key side, and, to top it off, wireless connectivity to your PC.

The Claymore II is divided into three sections: the 87-key differentiated keyboard, a 17-key numeric keypad with four configurable keys and a volume slider, and a tiny but well-padded removable wrist support. The wrist rest is used with any keyboard, but the Claymore II’s magnetic organization is intended to function with it.

With gleaming aluminum top panels and matt black keycaps that allow in brilliant RGB light, the keyboard and numeric pad are a matching pair. You wouldn’t know they were separate pieces if it weren’t for the slight gap and cut-off edges at the base.

The Claymore II is the latest addition to the growing list of wireless mechanical gaming keyboards. The Claymore II operates flawlessly in WIFI mode when connected to a 2.4GHz network through a USB adapter. The keyboard has a nice RGB battery indicator in the top-left region, but it’s concealed behind the buttons and difficult to see without bending forward.


  • Keypad that can be removed
  • Wrist rest that is gentle
  • Optical switches are the smoothest switches
  • RGB on modifier keys, including Fn functions
  • Excellent battery


Let’s check factors that are important to consider while buying the most expensive keyboard for gaming. 


There are usually two types of keyboards in terms of gaming perspective. Mechanical keyboards are more precise and long-tasting than membrane keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are used by many professional gamers for their durability and accuracy, while membrane keyboards are not recommended due to low point actuation. Thus, choose mechanical over membrane keyboard.

High-quality keycaps

There are two types of keycaps used extensively in keycaps PBT and ABS. PBT keycaps ensure the long life of the keyboards as keycaps of this material prevent the tear and wear of the keys. PBT keycaps are expensive but are better than ABS keycaps in the long run.

Anti Ghosting

When you are considering buying the most expensive mechanical keyboard, it becomes essential to look out for unique features in them. Anti-ghosting is one such feature that not many keyboards offer.

So, make sure your keyboard has it, so you don’t regret later paying more for anything. Anti-ghosting lets you press multiple keys simultaneously yet give smooth functioning in each keypress. 

Wired or Wireless

This can be a wrangling point to decide for any individual. Wired keyboards offer great stability and do not require battery charging or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Whereas wireless keyboards are great in terms of mobility but require recharging. For gaming, wired keyboards are much more reliable than wireless keyboards as they offer constant stability and no trouble charging every day.

Customizable keys

Macro mapping is important to consider when it comes to gaming because it lets a single key function all sorts of actions. Games that demand quick response must be carried with macro keys for an efficient and immersive gaming experience. 


1. What Makes a Great Keyboard?

Mechanical switches usually have more of a “clickety-clack” noise and have more tactility. They endure better and are easier to fix due to the strong switching motors and resilient hinges. Moreover, because each keystroke travels a shorter distance, they are great for touch typists

2. Which is the Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboard in the world?

SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard is currently the expensive mechanical keyboard. 

SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard
  • SteelSeries Z Engine enables programmability of all keys
  • 3 color illumination options - blue, purple and red
  • Anti-ghosting capability: Up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes


If you’re seeking the most costly keyboard or simply want to fill your eyes while searching for one, the essential thing is to obtain a keyboard that will serve you well. Because there are so many different varieties of these products available, you first must figure out what playing or coding requirements you have.

This will help to gain because you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. It also is a good idea to think about the characteristics we stated above when purchasing a great gaming keyboard. It will assist you in determining which kind of keyboard to use and narrowing your selection.


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