MTA restores Sedgwick Ave. Bus Stop

After the establishment of Select Bus Service on Fordham Road this summer, most of the western end of route were baffled at the loss of the Sedgwick Avenue stop that was Bx12 Limited. Now the stop on The stop on the Westbound Fordham Road SBS at Sedgwick is restored and renewed the stop at Loring Place and Fordham Road. 

This summer, a public meeting held by Assemblyman Jose Rivera and Community Board 7. 

The residents of Sedgwick Avenue were unhappy about the elimination of their stop on the bus route. 

The District manager Fernando Tirado said that the bus stop restoration began with the meeting with Assemblyman Rivera, the Fordham Hill Cooperative and other tenants groups who voiced their concerns regarding the issue. This will show that the process of working with city agencies can produce quick results. The MTA was helpful in addressing community concerns. 

Tirado stated that the studies conducted by MTA  resulted in 89% of riders of SBS saying that service had improved after the new concept in surface mass transit was implemented. 68% of riders said that instead of paying the fare on the, paying a fare at kiosks located on the street was more convenient. 

People living in the community were happy on seeing their important mass transit link restored, the Fordham Road Business Improvement, that runs from Third Avenue to Jerome Avenue, had kind of mixed, but mostly positive. 

Fordham Road BID deputy director Daniel Bernstein stated that they were involved with the DOT and MTA studies when they were looking into the SBS implementation. He also said that he thinks that the project is great for ridership, but it completely banished 30 to 40 muni-meter spaces and that can hurt some of the businesses who rely on people coming to shop in cars”.

The mass transit is certainly necessary for the BID, as it is how 97% of shoppers said they reached Fordham Road in a recent survey, said Bernstein. However, the SBS service lane not only prevents parking on the street during regular business hours but also challenges for businesses that needed use of the curb to receive deliveries.

Bernstein said, “We had some issues with parking agents who issued tickets when we felt were unwarranted when SBS service first began, until we established loading areas and times when deliveries can be made, SBS hurt some businesses which rely a lot on cars.”


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