New York Islanders ponder move to Willets Point

The Queens may get a second professional team to claim as theirs since The New York Islanders organization recently discussing a move to Willets Point. 

The owner of the Islander National Hockey League team – Mr. Charles Wand, has been looking for a better home rather than an aging Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, L.I., for years, but the Lighthouse  Project repeatedly delayed the slates including teh renovations of the coliseum. The team’s lease ends in 2015 at the arena, where it plays its home games. 

According to The New York Times, The chief operating officer of the New York Mets, Mr. Jeff Wilpon stated that he spoke with the Queens College graduate Wang regarding building a new home for the Islanders near the Citi Field and might even purchase the Islanders. 

The team in its glory period of 1979 to 1983 won four back-to-back championships. But the sad part is it has never returned to that peak and now has lost millions in each season for Wang, a computer pioneer and if one of the Long Island’s Wealthiest residents. 

According to the Times, the Mets stated that “In addition to those we have had with the Major League Soccer, we have had discussions with the Islanders regarding building a sports facility near Citi Field”. 

The City has planned to clear about 62 – acre Willets Point area of its existing industrial business place to make room for its multibillion-dollar, multipurpose development project. The city is in agreement to buy 64 percent of the land in Willets Point and other significant domains that may be employed to get other lands in the area. 

But the comment Requests from the Islanders and Mets organizations were not returned by Tuesday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg lent his legitimacy reports of discussions between the men. 

According to The Times, he stated that” I haven’t talked to the Wilpons yet. I will. I don’t know whether it’s just the owner or the team negotiating, using us as a negotiating ploy out on Long Island. 

When the executive director of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Jack Friedman said it was a reasonable possibility, the concept of moving the Islanders to Willets Point was also floated in the Winter of 2009. He also stated that hockey and baseball only overlap for a month or twice of the year, hence The Willets Project seems to be in a petty logical place. 

As per the report of The Times, In 1972, when the Islanders joined the NHL, thy pain $4.5 million to the New York Rangers as a fee to move to Nassau County, L.I., but in 1986 the agreement amended to allow the Islanders to move anywhere within Queens, Kings, Nassau or the Suffolk Counties.


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