How To Sharpen Electric Knife Blades (The Best Method)

As the name suggests, an electric knife is just like any other traditional knife blade, but the blade is powered an electric motor. The serrated blades are powered by the motor, which enables the blades to move back and forth so that it can cut objects effortlessly, but it difficult to sharpen an electric knife.

The motor also makes sure that cutting through any material is relatively easier for you. A regular knife has a normal blade, whereas the electric knives have serrated blades.

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It is a common misconception that electric knives need not be sharpened. But in reality, just like any other blade, even in electric knives the blades face wear and tear and get blunt over time. As the blade of an electric knife has serrated edges, it stays sharp for a long time.

Thus, even electric knives need sharpening, but these knives take more time to go blunt than normal knives. So, to regain its sharpness, you would need to sharpen the blade when required. It is also rather difficult to sharpen the electric knife blade, especially the serrated ones, than normal blades. Therefore, it requires special attention and tools to sharpen the knife blades

Types Of Knife Sharpener


These represent gadgets that run on electricity. The sharpener is equipped with abrasive disks that rotate more or less quickly to sharpen the blade inserted into the sharpening slot. No physical effort should be provided, and the result is very professional.


The manual knife sharpener is a device that looks like an electrical device, except that it is up to the user to move the blade back and forth in the device to sharpen their knife. Note that this movement can ( or must ) be done back and forth or only forward, depending on the devices. If so, this is always specified by the manufacturer.

Sharpening Rifle/Rod

A sharpening rifle is a rod on which the blade's cutting edge is moved back and forth to sharpen it. The shank is made of ceramic or composed of micro-diamonds which will sharpen all kinds of blades. Indeed, unlike electric and manual models, the user is not dependent on any blade guide size. It also works to sharpen the blade of your mandolin or slicer. On the other hand, the sharpening gun is to be preferred for occasional use.

Different Methods To Sharpen Electric Knife Blades

There are a couple of ways by which you can sharpen the blade of your electric knife. The first one being the easier option of using an electric knife sharpener that will give you ultimate precision will consume less time and energy.

The second method enables you to use a sharpening rod to sharpen the blade of your electric knife. Here, we will discuss both of the methods in detail. Let us now have a look at how to sharpen an electric knife.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE To Sharpen Electric Knife Blades


Make sure you have a very reliable electric knife sharpener. Here, we give an outlines on how to deal with an electric knife sharpener safely.  But in order to get the utmost performance of your knife, you need to know how to use electric knife sharpener properly. I will ease the technical part, so that you can learn it real fast. To get your knives sharpened safely and correctly, follow these below given steps:

  • You have to carefully put the blade in the slot, which is given in the electric knife sharpener. In step-1, you must place the heel of the knife so that it goes as deep as possible. This must be done properly so that the heel meets the grinding stone. The entire process is to be started from the heel of the knife and then you have to slowly pull it till the tip of the knife.
  • The second stage involves the sliding of the knife. You must keep the angle of the blade between 15 to 20°, as recommended by electric knife sharpener manufacturers. However, the electric knife sharpener sets the angle of the knife on its own, once it is completely connected with the grinding stone.
  • You must pass through the blade twice on each of the sides. The knife should be pulled through an equal amount of times on both the left and right sides of the sharpening wheel to ensure a sharp blade.
  • You have to move the blade on to the finer stones and repeat the process. The finer stones in the electric sharpeners provide the much-needed finish to the blade of the knife.
  • The last step of sharpening your electric knife involves properly clean it with soapy water and then normal water. Once you are done with getting rid of the particles gathered on its surface by rinsing it with water you must simply wipe the knife with a towel.


  • You must detach the blade from the electric knife. This step must be performed very carefully or else it can leave you wounded. Thus, you must plan how you want to remove the blade from the knife.
  • You must carefully hold the blade from the flat side. The tip of the blade should be on the opposite side.
  • For step-3 you have to hold the sharpening rod in your free hand. Now you must put the sharpening rod in the first serration of the blade and then start sliding the blade. You also have to make sure that you slide the blade in an upward and downward pattern.
  • You have to keep repeating the process on every serration on the blade. Once you are done with one side of the blade, you have to repeat the same process on the other side also. This is a tedious and time-taking process. You must be very careful while sliding the blade on the rod and must hold it tightly.

Safety Precautions to follow when handling Electric Knife Sharpeners

  • Ensure that you have got some good quality electric knife sharpener. 
  • Make sure the electric knife sharpener’s socket is unplugged before you begin the process to avoid any kind of accidents. 
  • Do not rush the sharpening process nor apply too much pressure on the knife while sharpening. If not it might damage your electric knife and sometimes you could get hurt yourself.
  • Make sure to keep your hands dry and free from water or oils To avoid any slip risks or electric risks.
  • Once your knife is sharpened, test it on some other object. Do not touch the freshly sharpened knife.


This is all about how to sharpen electric knife blades. There are some dos and don’ts that you must know while sharpening your electric knife. The knife should fit into the sharpener to give you optimal results. It is also recommended not to sharpen your blades way too much, as it may hamper the lifetime of the blade.

And if you’re using an electric sharpener to sharpen your electric blade, it is recommended to use genuine products and not cheap ones.

I hope this tutorial will help you sharpen you’re the blade of your electric knife. Please be careful while using sharp objects. 


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