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Wild possums loose in Brooklyn

Wild possums are destroying Brooklynites’ gardens, threatening small dogs and terrifying teenage girls. “Last year, while walking around the [Dyker Beach] golf course at dusk, my daughter and I bumped into one. We were so scared. We’re city girls,” said Marnee Elias-Pavia, district manager of Community Board 11, which covers Bensonhurst, Mapleton, Bath Beach and […]

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City finds thorium at Ridgewood building

It was publicized by a city agency that a radioactive substance is found in the vicinity of the Ridgewood building, and they are going to investigate the whole spot. The agents said that the substances could be leftovers of the Nuclear project, Manhattan, which took place around World War II. The Manager of District’s Community […]

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Curtain Up on Broadway Triangle

When the 2-year war was carried for the upgradation of the Broadway Triangle, many of the communities at Brooklyn raised their voices for not getting a chance in the meetings and debates.  While the battle went to the City Council, the discussion was held that Community Board 3 was kept out of the meetups and […]

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Seminerio Dies while Serving the Prison Sentence

Edmond Ross, spokesman for the federal Bureau of Bureau announced that the Former Senator of Richmond Hill Anthony Seminerio, took his last breath while just in the premiere of his six-year lockup verdict.  Anthony was being facilitated in Northern Carolina at the Butner C. Complex’s Federal Hospital. The spokesman was not able to give clear […]

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