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Best Slide Scanner | Review And Buyers Guide

OVERVIEWA slide scanner is a device that scans slides of various sizes, films, negatives, and sometimes images as well. It converts these into a digital format with a better resolution. These devices have a slot in which the slides and films are inserted to be scanned.The slide scanners have output ports to connect it to […]

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Best Green Screen Kit For Filmmakers And Photographers

OVERVIEWPhotographers and videographers very well know the importance of good looking and light absorbent backdrop. The green screen studio kits provide you with exactly the same and much more.These kits comprises of one or more backdrops, of different colors, and different textures, softboxes, light stands, bulbs, and other backdrop support systems required for photography. The green […]

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Best Gopro Case That Fits All Your Camera Accessories

The GoPro cameras took the market by storm with their invention. These camera units were much smaller than standard cameras, and could be used by mounting on monopods or tripods or on your helmet or something of that kind.The GoPro cameras provided a different perspective to underwater life and water activities, and also to people […]

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Best Monopod For Photographers, Filmmakers and Geeks

If you are a photographer or a videographer or someone who is working related to tourism, films, and photography, then getting camera accessories are as important as getting a camera. Some of the important accessories includes a reliable camera protection case, extra battery, Padded Neck Strap, Giotto Rocket Blower, Sturdy Monopod or tripod, Remote Shutter […]

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