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How Long Do AIO Coolers Last (Brief Guide)

You have just spent a couple of dollars on your new AIO coolers. You are excited to use it and start gaming non-stop without worrying about things get all hot and heavy. Every piece of technology has a lifespan and as things tend to go, they eventually deteriorate. Keeping that in mind, the question arises; […]

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How Much Weight Can A Drone Carry [Expert Answer]

So, more often than not, I wonder about how much weight can a drone carry. Why? Because it is absolutely the future! Remember you heard it here first, folks. Is there a more convenient mode of transportation than flight? With that said though, the question pop in the mind, is it safe? I mean, sure, […]

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How To Format External Hard Drive For PS4 On PC

If you are a PS4 user, then you will have the need to back up your gaming. But the primary drives of PS4 have limited memory. So if you find any difficulty in backing up your files, then it’s because of limited memory space. You can solve PS4 storage issue with external hard drives.First, you must […]

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Can You Fly A Drone At Night | Expert’s Answer

Drones are awesome and they seem to be all the hype these days. Whether you are using it for recreational purposes or commercial, flying a drone is fun! If you want to fly it around and record things from eagle’s eye perspective then buy an FPV Goggle to control drone at any time, day or night. The […]

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