How To Install Motherboard Drivers


Motherboard drivers are the critical components of the entire PC device since they are in charge of handling all the PC’s vital functions. The motherboard serves as a software interface between the computer’s hardware and the device’s software.

As the motherboard inspects the overall functionality of the PC device, the existence of modified and fully functional drivers is vital for handling the major functions of the PC. Also, you must regularly clean your motherboard to avoid any complications.

Also, computer drivers are like the software systems that provide instructions to distinct PC parts as well as to the software parts to allow the best use of the available hardware systems. Plus, device drivers serve to provide additional knowledge on how to use a specific model of the hardware.

For instance, a specific operating system may be aware of the video card’s usage. Nonetheless, without the device drivers for the specific video card, distinct particular functions would be unavailable because the system would be unaware that they existed. Now that you have understood the importance of motherboard drivers, we can now see how to install them.

What drivers are required to be installed?

Before installing any motherboard driver, you must install few pre-requisite drivers. For instance:


Network Connection : This software handles network-related activities.


Chipset : All programs on the motherboard are regulated by the chipset.

HD Graphics : If HD graphics is not installed, the computer graphics would be incorrect.

Audio Driver: This driver is accountable for the audio segment, such as the speaker. Also, after you’ve installed the above drivers, you can add other drivers as required.


Now, I’ll go over how to install motherboard drivers using two different methods. And you can utilize any one of these techniques to install the motherboard driver.

Method 1 (Including CD)

In the first method, you would need to use a motherboard CD. It would be preferable if you utilize the motherboard company’s CD. Even if the CD model differs, but it is of the same company, then it will be more convenient. 

  • Initially, you need to install the CD into your computer DVD drive. Once you do this, you need to go to my computer. 
  • If your driver has an autorun system, then while entering the disk, it will bring up the driver installation interface, but it doesn't have an autorun system, then it might be turned off. In that case, on the DVD drives, you need to right-click and double-click on the install or run the program option from your media.
  • Now a prompt will show you two options, "yes" or "no." Click on Yes.
  • Then, the system interface will get displayed on the screen. Choose the software of your wish. 
  • When you are ready, install it on your computer.
  • Once the installation is done successfully, your computer will restart. And you are done.
method 2 (excluding cd)

If you have no CD, you’ll have to google your motherboard’s edition no. and then download plus install the software.

  • To begin, go to Google and type in the model no. of your motherboard. Then go to the motherboard’s webpage and click on the link.
  • After you’ve been connected, go to the support section of the webpage, which will eventually take you to the Downloads.
  • Here you will be able to view the motherboard’s operating system. And from here, you must pick Windows as the OS for your PC.
  • Now choose the software that you desire to download. After clicking it, you’ll be taken to an interface where you can download the most recent version.
  • To download, go to the Download Manager and then download with IDM. In a few minutes, it will display the download alternative for your software.
  • Select “Start Download”. The software will begin downloading after you click it.

And once the download is finished, install the software and utilize your system blissfully.


In this article, I have shown you the basics of how to install motherboard drivers. As previously described, each manufacturer is unique, so your experience can vary a bit. With that being said, all of the vital motherboard manufacturers follow a similar procedure. 

Few manufacturers even give utilities that will take care of the whole thing for you. Lastly, the two most crucial aspects of installing motherboard drivers are triple-checking i.e., to ensure whether you are installing the correct drivers for your motherboard and resetting after each driver has been installed.


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