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There are many advantages of shifting to an omnidirectional TV antenna over your traditional cable. The biggest pro of using an omnidirectional TV antenna is the fact that, depending upon your area, you can access channels that you have removed from your channel pack, essentially getting them for free.

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

On top of that, you will get that at a higher definition, as a long-range omnidirectional TV antenna provides you with a better signal when compared to its counterparts, cable and satellite TV. The “getting channels for free” pro alone, by itself, is a good enough reason to switch, in my opinion. 

However, it is quite an important factor which TV antenna you go for. Buying the right one requires knowledge regarding the matter if you wish to get the best possible reception and quality of the image.

For the sake of this article and considering my general real-life experience, I am going to assume that you do not spend your time researching, which is the current best omnidirectional tv antenna available in the market. I have done the research, without further adieu, let us start. 





  • 720° omnidirectional
  • 150-mile range
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Get 2 high-quality coaxial cables
  • Crystal-clear filter technology
  • Made of moisture-proof and flame retardant materials
1byone - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

The 1byone 720° is one of the best omnidirectional TV antennas out there. Despite this list not being in any particular order, I intentionally placed the 1byone 720° on top because I like it that much. Now, let us talk about why I consider I like it so much… hint: it is in the name!

This antenna has the fantastic ability to provide you with a signal coverage of 720 degrees over 150 miles, twice as much as the traditional 360! This also completely eliminates the need to adjust it in a specific way, as it covers all the ways literally.

On top of that, the 1byone 720° comes with a built-in pre-amplifier coupled with the inbuilt intelligent IC chip is a brilliant combination, especially when you add to the mix the 4G LTE filter.

Together, they work to provide you with a better image and sound quality, a stable connection by boosting it and removing any interferences that may be caused by 4G mobile phone signals.

Adding more to the selling point, on top of looking like a UFO, which will certainly add aesthetic to wherever you decide to install it, the installation process in itself is fairly easy. The piece itself is built quite well, and you do not have to worry about environmental damage as it is not only made up of flame-repellent material but also is moisture-proof. Overall, if the price isn’t a deal-breaker for you, go for it!


  • The UFO design looks cool
  • Easy installation
  • 720° degree signal reception 
  • Awesome customer service
  • Weather-proof


  • Kinda expensive




  • Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna 
  • Build-in high gain and low noise amplifier
  • 360-degree reception
  • 120-mile range on paper (100 realistically)
  • Waterproof, anti-snow, and anti-UV coating
  • 75 Ohms Impedance
lava Omnipro - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

The 2018 Lava HD-8008 is amongst the best omnidirectional antenna that you can get right now. It has got a 75 Ohms Impedance and has a realistic 100-mile range (claims range from 120 to 150 though) across all directions, meaning you do not have the need to point it in a specific direction to get the best possible reception; it already gives it to you.

The fact that it is receiving a signal from all directions, though, is a good thing considering its size. I do not mean to say it is so huge that it is unmanageable; it is only like 4 pounds.

I just found the design a bit...odd. With that said, those are minor concerns and play no role once you have installed it. It certainly looks part with its rather odd design, but of course, that is not an issue, just an observation. It works quite well. 

The reception you get is strong and stable. Its build quality is really good. It is weatherproof and has an anti-UV coating, so do not worry about environmental damage.

The UHF combined with VHF along with its weather-resistant, ensure that you enjoy an interference-free reception even during bad weather. A thing to note is that “all direction reception” does somewhat depend upon your location, so do check the signals of your local channels beforehand. This fact is true for all the antennas out in the market, not just this one.


  • Easy to install
  • Gets reception from all directions
  • Weatherproof 
  • A decent range
  • Fairly portable


  • Design could have been better.




  • Dual omnidirectional signal reception
  • UV-coated
  • 720 degrees of reception
  • 4G LTE Filter
  • 50-60 range realistically
ANTOP AT-415B - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

The upgraded version of the ANTOP AT-415B is easily one of the strongest antennae there is, certainly the strongest on this list of best Omnidirectional TV antenna. ANTOP is a well-reputed company that has been manufacturing the best indoor and outdoor antennas out there and other products as well.

Naturally, you expect more from such a well-regarded company, and they certainly met my expectations. The AT-415B has 720-degree dual-omnidirectional signal reception, which ensures that you do not need to fiddle around with its direction as it misses no spot; it receives UHF/VHF reception from all directions.

On top of that, it comes equipped with a 4G LTE filter to make sure that any unwanted wireless signals do not mess up your TV watching experience. Its smart pass technology easily adjusts the balance between short and long-range reception, and the intelligent switch is there to avoid any signal overload.

The build quality on the AT-415B is also impressive. It looks like a UFO, which is pretty cool, has a glossy finish, and is structurally sound. To add the cherry on top, its design makes it quite easy to install yourself, so you do not have to spend any extra cash on labor for their services; do it yourself!

My only issue with it is the fact that it is not the most weatherproof antenna out there. With that said, I really like their customer service and the 30-day money-back policy. Make it weatherproof, and it is hands down the best tv antenna on this list.


  • Decent build quality
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in 4G LTE filter
  • Dual Omnidirectional, 720 degrees of reception
  • Uses UHF AND VHF frequencies.


  • Not exactly weatherproof




  • Foldable Indoor design
  • Multi-directional reception
  • 120-mile range *claimed*
  • Includes a USB Amplifier
  • 360° of reception
  • Includes high-quality 16 5ft coaxial cable
1byone TV Antenna - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

I know in the previous entry I kind of made fun of the design. Well, that does not seem I have a problem with unique designs. Quite the contrary. The 1byone TV antenna foldable is, the name gives it away, a foldable antenna. It has 2 flaps on either side of its body, which can move independently of each other and thus are able to face different directions.

The advantage of this, on paper at least, is that by pointing these flaps into different positions, you can receive channels that you normally might not have if your antenna faced only one direction. That sounds pretty cool but is it anything more than a gimmick?

Definitely! However, it is not ground-breaking or anything. It does provide you with more coverage, but with a realistic range of maybe 60-70 miles (if I am generous), you will pick up a few extra channels but nothing too crazy, which is fair; they never claimed that.

Put the foldability aside; this is a solid TV antenna in itself. Combined with its VHF signal enhancement and advanced filtering, you get more channels than a flat-type antenna, and for an indoor antenna, the 60-70 works decently well.

The company does claim 120 meters of range, but yeah, no, that is not happening. Despite how I may sound in this, I actually really do like this antenna. It tried something out of the box and succeeded and does everything else that you may expect from a TV antenna, just as easily.


  • Quite a unique design
  • Certainly picks up more channels
  • Fairly easy to install
  • A decent 60-70 range for an indoor antenna
  • Made of durable plastic


  • The claimed 120-mile range is not accurate.




  • 150-mile range
  • 360-degree omnidirectional antenna
  • UHF/VHF/FM signals
  • Build-in high gain low noise signal amplifier.
  • Anti-UV coating
  • Hard plastic, waterproof design
Vansky - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

The Vansky is a brand that is known for developing affordable electronic products that make your home safer and provide you with some entertainment. Their products would range from home security to entertainment systems if you didn’t catch that.

This best omnidirectional TV antenna is the solution to poor reception and picture quality. Simply mount it on your roof or somewhere in the open and let it do its thing. That 360 degree omnidirectional antenna coupled with its 150-mile range provides you with 1080p HDTV and 32dB connections.

This antenna comes with the smart IC chip and the CleanPeak filter technology to filter out any unwanted cellular and FM signals that may cause interference so you can enjoy your shows uninterrupted.

And yeah, it supports 2 televisions without a splitter, so you and your little brother (or whomever) can enjoy your favorite channels in HD. It comes assembled, and installing it is very easy. The build quality of this antenna is also not disappointing. 

It is made of hard, durable plastic, and it has got a waterproof design and an anti-UV coating for extra environmental protection which makes mad it take place in this list of best omnidirectional TV antenna.

On purchase, along with the antenna, you get a couple of things like the power supply kit (USB), mounting accessories, coaxial cable, and more.

My complaint is the fact that the included coaxial cable is extremely low quality, so you are going to have to remember to get yourself a good one upon purchase. Other than that, I found very little wrong with it.


  • 360-degree Omni-directional reception
  • Easy installation 
  • Can support 2 TVs without splitter
  • Pre-amplified 


  • HBO, ESPN, and other cable networks are not available.




  • 360-degree omnidirectional range
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Smartpass Amplifier
  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
ANTOP - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

If there was a jerryrigeverything for antennas, I would bet that this one would survive the durability test.  Anyways, let us talk about this antenna by ANTOP, which specializes in being a strong boy, and it surely is successful in being so. 

This antenna is designed in such a way that it resists the damage antennas usually take from the environment. Its design helps it reduce wind load; it is water and snow proof and has an anti-UV coating, so it is prepared for almost everything.

If you live in a place where the weather is a bit unpredictable, this is the antenna for you if you want to enjoy your favorite channels, even during rain or heavy winds.

On top of all that, it is a 360-degree omnidirectional antenna that comes with a built-in 4G LTE Filter that can block all 3G and 4G signals, and you can switch it between the long and short-range. If money is not a major issue, go for it!


  • Durable, weather resist
  • Smartpass allows you to switch between long and short-range
  • Easy to install
  • Removes unwanted signals


  • Expensive




  • Omnidirectional HDTV antenna
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Receives free VHF/UHF/FM signals
  • Weatherproof and UV-protected
  • Resistant to rusk
King OA1000 - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

The KING OA1000 is an omnidirectional antenna that is here to provide you with free HDTV. Well, technically, you did pay for it. Jokes aside, though, this antenna looks really cool to me. It is probably that mount with makes it look like a techno tree.

This antenna is capable of receiving UHF and VHF signals along with FM signals within the frequency range of 87.9-107.9 MHz, and it has an inbuilt amplifier to, well, amplify the signal. It does what you would expect from a TV antenna, but in my opinion, the selling point of this is how easy it is to install and its portability.

Rather niche example, but you can literally mount this on top of your car while traveling and catch a game. It is a winner in my book. Its range is around 50-100 miles depending upon location.


  • Durable, weatherproof
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • No need to crank up, down, or point


  • Sometimes, it does need some cranking
  • Signal issues in certain areas




  • 360° omnidirectional reception
  • 150 miles: range
  • 4G LTE Filter
  • Weatherproof
Five Star - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

Now, that is… quite a name. The Five Star 2020 antenna is capable of 360 degrees omnidirectional reception over a massive range of 150 miles (claimed!).

The New Version antenna comes with a built-in dipole for excellent UHF and VHF band signal reception along with a 4G filter to get rid of any unwanted signals from mobile phones, tablets, etc., that might interfere with your reception.

The build quality on this is also standard, with an anti-UV coating along with water and snow proof design. Now, well, the thing is, this antenna claims for HD, 4k quality picture, and high-quality audio over a range of 150 miles, which just is not true. It has a decent range, but the picture quality is average, and I feel it is certainly a bit overpriced.


  • Weatherproof design
  • Omnidirectional
  • Decent range
  • Easy to install


  • Overpriced
  • Medium quality image




  • 360-degree Omnidirectional reception
  • Built-in amplifier and 4G LTE filter
  • Smartpass technology
  • Works on 1 TV (1 TV output)
1byone Outdoor - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

Someone really needs to name these better. This antenna by 1byone has 360° Omni-Directional reception capable of providing 4k image quality. It comes equipped with an amplifier to boost the signal and a 4G LTE filter, and we all know what that does by now.

On top of it all, it has a smart pass amplifier technology which allows you to switch On & Off to get long & short range reception. Just like the other 1byone antenna on this list, the installation process is fairly easy, and you can do it yourself, so save up on that installation fee.

Overall, I really like the design, the features it offers, but it does lack behind when it comes to reception and thus the overall image quality it provides despite its 360 omnidirectional reception capabilities.


  • I really like its sleek design
  • Easy to install and comes with everything you need
  • Very flexible when it comes to where it can be mounted
  • Weatherproof build with an anti-UV coating


  • The reception it offers is not the best
  • Inline amplifier is not the best




  • 360° Omnidirectional reception
  • Digital Reception Range of 50 miles (50+ under ideal circumstances)
  • Compatible with all HDTV and 4K TV’s
  • ATSC 3.0, 4K, and HDR.
Channel Master - Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

Ending the list, we have the omnidirectional antenna by Channel Master. By far, the best-looking antenna on this list yet! Not only is it black, but its overall design and build both look really good to me.

Made with a mix of plastic and metal, it is naturally quite durable; durability is often associated with Channel Master and this lives up to the expectation.

It is capable of 360° Omnidirectional reception with a digital range of up to 50 and more depending upon the area. I really like the fact that they did not go overboard like other companies and claimed a 200-mile range.

Even installing it is fairly easy as it comes with a mounting pole, a mounting bracket if you intend on mounting it on the wall, and you can simply attach it to an existing satellite mount. Overall, honestly, I find little to nothing wrong with this.


  • Design is very impressive
  • Weatherproof, made of durable plastic and metal
  • Has great reception, especially when paired with an amplifier
  • Portable and compact design


  • Not much, honestly


That is the end of my list of best omnidirectional TV antenna. This list was in no particular order, and most antennas varied enough that they are not directly competing with each other. Some offer better quality, while some are more durable and portable, while another is downright less expensive.

Buy the one which will best serve you, go with a portable one if you drive around in an RV or plan on but if you want one strictly for your home, go with big, permanently mountable ones for the best reception. That is it for this list of best omnidirectional TV antenna, folks! I hope you all have a wonderful TV watching experience!


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