Flushing Mall to be torn down for parking space

Flushing Mall, at 133-15 39th avenue will be destroyed the following year as per the schedule to get space for meantime parking until the Flushing Commons are under construction, an $850 million multi-project downtown.

At the time of permission for the development of Flushing Commons, the demolishment of the Mall was not brought up under the debate. Though not being a new issue, it has become a part of the council discussion very recently.

Some handful blocks far from the construction site, between the 37th, 39th, 138th avenue and Union streets, Lot 1 of Municipal will be substituted by the Commons.

TDC chair-holder Michael Myer announced that the mall area (about 150,000 feet) is under the authority of their Company and very soon it will be closed. Further, to enable foundation by the next year, it will be demolished to initiate the development of Flushing Commons with an aim to contribute nearly 650 spots. 

President added that the purpose of all the doings is to cover up the issues for the parking near to the Street merchant. Of course, the plan was made so from the start. 


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