Singh Toor says as councilman he will give Ozone Park a voice

When the district put out a special election to occupy the seat left blank due to the demise of City Councilman Thomas White, Harpreet Singh Toor made a mind to get in as he figured that members of City Hall had been losing their connection to their constituents.

This Sikh immigrant, who has been a resident in Ozone Park, Queens for 10-12 years or so, said that the 28th Council District had an alarming situation, they were in need of help in many fields, including crime, education and the economy, and if gets elected he will utilize each of the available resources to solve the issues.

“The necessities of the general public don’t seem to be fulfilled. They get elected and once they are in power they forget the basis on which they were elected. I will change the trend”, he said.

Harpreet Toor, who works as a real estate salesman, said that he travels at every doorstep in the district, which comprises the neighborhoods of Jamaica, Rochdale Village, Richmond Hill, and South Ozone Park, and raises the issues as important after those meetings.

He argued that the most widespread issue in the areas is the lack of availability of jobs. The large-scale and sudden closures of small businesses and craftsmen in the neighborhood along with the increase in foreclosures have forced families to go on an economic setback.

Toor said that he will influence City Hall to give Queen’s job waivers access to jobs in major projects, as Aqueduct Racetrack, the horse racino to be mentioned mainly.

As a councilman, It is not possible to have the knowledge of all the jobs available out there but he will try my best to offer the most that he can, Harpreet exclaimed.

Toor said that education plays a major role to solve the problems and occupies qualified jobs and therefore, Public schools of the city needed to transform into better. The only parent of the two sons who visited the school that day argued that parents should have the right to be more into the education of their children.

“You just cannot legislate the rules and expect the parents to accept all of it and the students to learn it,” he said.

The candidate, who supported the campaign for elected Democratic officials including state Sen. Malcolm Smith (St. Albans), Gregory Meeks (Jamaica) and former President Bill Clinton, also called for similar sayings in the Council.

Toor said that there are too many backdoor hand-on deals that continue in when Council members vote on legislation laws and, as a result, promises which elected officials to make during their work at the office are not fulfilled. He said that he will keep all of his dealings open for his constituents to watch and look into legislation that would give elected leaders more accountability in the future.

He ended by promising that he will thoroughly go through the rules and regulations and will strictly be abided by them.


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