An Alleged BB Gun Sniper is Terrorizing Residents


The BB-shooter carried out a 30-day long battle on the condominiums at Brooklyn, with casual snipings that left the people under closure, the police and affected ones said.

The occupants said that the sniper sat at the rooftop of a side by building, aiming out with the help of a pair of binoculars. He fired the bullets through the openings at Seabreeze Plaza, a high-scale oceanfront in Brighton Beach. 

The pellets have bombarded the walls, showering out-door regions with pieces of cement and creating smokes of dust much similar to the Baghdad incident in contrast to the serene sea association.

The shooter has caused widespread fear among the region’s 240 locals, also there are 45 children with age less than 7, they are frightened every time when they even think of leaving home.

A 60-year old man Yakov Melamed said that his kids live alongside, his grandchildren are in terror. He got his home attacked twice before, the latest at the early morning of Friday, a bullet pierced through the glass straight to the bedroom while Maya, his wife was sleeping. 

He said that everyone is frightened. We have no control over it, even there is no link as to where they come from.

This passed Sunday experienced a pallet to the balcony window and a door at a couple’s location. A little after this was repaired, a successive attack was encountered shattering the windowpane.

Maya Melamed said that she is full of fear, neither can go outside nor want to live in the apartment.

The apartment’s owners and leaders called for a meeting with police on Friday after sending to the NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg appealing them to look out the scene.

The letter stated that the residents of Seabreeze plaza are not going to calm down until and unless the sniper is locked in.

It was 2 August when the sniper started with casual shots, shattering the windows on the 11th floor. On 29 August, the pallet came at the window of an empty home at Floor 2. Further, the recent attack was at Melameds on last weekend.

Many floors have brick pieces and pellets lying everywhere on the outdoor terrace. It is noticed that every attack came on the backside of the building.

Till date, the damage has been recorded to the cost of $4,000.


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