Woodside men indicted in the transgender attack: DA

The Lawyer R. Brown said that this spring, 2 suburban men have been accused of hate charges for purportedly attacking a cross-sexual girl in Jackson Heights.

The two men Gilberto Ortiz and Trinidad Tapia aged 32 and 19 respectively, got summoned on the last Weekday at 7 counts, like harassment, attacking, weapon stocking and hate crime. Brown cleared that if found guilty, they’ll be thrown to prison for nearly 15 years. They were liberated at their guarantee and asked to come back to the Court on January 28.

The most culturally diverse of all in the nation, Queens, the crime of hate is not going to be tolerated at all, as made clear by the doings of Jury, said Brown. “the litigations will surely be punished.” 

The DA told that on 19 June, a transgender lady named Mora (aged 31) was roaming around the avenue 72-11 at nearly 4:30 before the sunrise, the 2 men who saw the lady and thought of her as a gay, attacked her with a steel buckled belt straight on the head.

Moreover, Gilberto and Trinidad tried to attack Josmar Castro by the buckle who tried to protest them. He was 23-years-old being a good friend of Mora but couldn’t help. Brown added.

The woman’s lawyer and the Chairperson of Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund Michael Silverman appreciated the Jury’s verdict.

I never want anyone the same as me to undergo such a mishap because it was the reason I faced this and I am happy to hear that the wrong will be taken to justice, the lady said.

Michael told that the litigants called her gay again and again and continuously beat her till there came a passerby and warned frightened them by acting to call cops. They were captured and charged severely with abuse and weapon hold. They were liberated at their collateral after being put on trial.

The verdict might not have been given promptly as the Lady did not file the abuse as a hate crime at the first, he added.

Michael exclaimed, “It is seen frequently, many victims do not recite the all while explaining the incident. The lady first spoke while being taken to hospital.” 

In the summer, 2 men were accused and verdict on hate crimes at the case where a transgender lady was hit by bottles and rocks in St. Albans with the same words shouting (gay). The citation claims the assault with Mora the other case this year for hate crime on a transgender in the cultural city of Queens.   

The base for the hate crimes was the purportedly spoken smears. The State code says an abuse to be counted for hate crime on the occasion that the sufferer’s sexual basis was attacked, but transgenders are not listed.

An approval was passed to inculcate gender identity in the constitution by the State, waiting for the Senate to further look, but they haven’t since February.


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