Young on Cutches after Flushing Bicycle Accident

During the last week, Ellen Young, Assemblywoman of the State was riding her bicycle at the time she got in an accident with a car, she experienced severe damage and was still under healing.

It dated 8 July after eight at night, when she was roaming with her cycle beside the Avenue Booth Memorial and the 138th street, a taxi knocked her as the driver diverged in an attempt to diverge her. The lady was suddenly made to flip onto the windshield of the car before the throw up and into a side boundary.

She turned unconscious in the very instant and experienced a great deal of slight cuts all over the body with addition of a severe wound at her face needing 3-4 staples to stop bleeding, and yes, a fractured leg. 

The last Thursday, still on the wheelchair, but at the office the Lady exclaimed that she expected herself to be no more alive. 

John Liu, the City Councilman said that the front of the four-wheeler was fully damaged and Young attempted to break the boundary wall with her skull. That night when we saw her suffering at the hospital was very fearsome. 

The spokesperson Scott Sieber said that Ellen was fully restricted to bedrest and wheelchair for as much as possible, but currently, she is able to move with the support of crutches although not yet reported to the office. 

He added that she is indeed a workhorse and she has not stopped working a bit, constantly continuing from home.

Saying further, Seiber told that the Office hasn’t experienced any change and functioning the same, though it’ll be quite sometime when the lady rejoins at full swing.

In Grace Merg, Young presently has a Democratic challenger. We asked her if the ballot contest might get affected by the situation. The lady giggled and told that she had not begin campaigning properly and so have not given it a thought till now.

Ellen didn’t have a helmet on her head at the time of the mishap. So, what all happened was termed as an accident and the cab driver was released without litigation.

The Lady said that her riding or the adventure won’t be influenced at all. Rather-in the city-she will try and look to enhance the precautions and security of the pedestrians and riders in the contemporary developing zone. “There isn’t a thing which can restrict my love for cycling, but surely we have to work on protection.”

She responded that she has planned to work on the issue but has not yet decided with official regulations.


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