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Best Bluetooth Adapter for PC And Laptops

OVERVIEWBluetooth adapters generally look like USB devices, which when connected to the PC or laptops provide you with Bluetooth facility on your device. A lot of the older versions of PCs and Laptops don’t have Bluetooth connectivity features to connect your speakers, headsets, and more, however, you no longer need to spend a bomb on […]

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Best White PC Cases For Your Build

OVERVIEWIf you are a gamer or a PC enthusiast, you must have come across heated processors and systems after the use of long periods. The heating of processors and other components is obviously unwanted, simply because it hampers the performance of your systems as well as its durability. If you are going to build your […]

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Best B450 Motherboard In Budget For Gaming

If you are looking for a best B450 motherboard, then you have landed in the right page. There are various types of motherboards present in the market that includes A320, B350, B450, X370, and X470. All these motherboards differ with the number of SATA ports, USB ports, RAM, lighting options, cooling systems, and audio systems […]

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Motherboard Repair Guide | Definitive Maintenance Tips

The Motherboard is essential for the working of a computer. It is the foundation for the working of your PC and maintaining Motherboard repair is necessary for your devices’ longevity.The few tell-tale signs of your Motherboard wearing out is your computer boots up slowly, or your screen starts flickering and misbehaving, or when external hardware […]

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